Viola Vixen from Brisbane, Australia next Monday!


Next Monday, September 28th, Viola Vixen will be posing for your drawing pleasure!  All the way from Brisbane, Australia, Viola is in the states for NYC Burlesque Festival, and because she’s made out of AWESOME, she’s shooting down to Baltimore for the evening – even after her father said, “Baltimore?  What?!  Isn’t that where The Wire was filmed??  Oh my God, you’re going to DIEEEE!!”

That’s paraphrased of course. 🙂

7’oclock, doors at 6.  If we’re not slammed to the gills, I’ll be mightily surprised, I’d get there early if you can.

By the way, that simply amazing photo is by Nick West.  Also, if you’re interested in following Viola Vixen on Twitter, you can follow her at @LaViolaVixen.

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