Interested in being a model?

(Please note: At this time, we are only hiring performers with three or more years of experience on stage, particularly in burlesque, sideshow, variety, etc. with qualifications described below. When considering local performers, we also prefer to book those whom we’ve personally seen perform or—since, as new parents, it’s impossible for us to catch more than a handful of shows a year—who can provide at least two glowing recommendations from performers who’ve worked with us before. We’ve had several amazing visiting performers from all over the country and beyond model for us, and we’d absolutely love to have more, but since we unfortunately cannot cover travel or accommodation costs, we recommend that performers planning on visiting the MD/DC/VA area contact us months in advance if they’d like to make Dr. Sketchy’s Baltimore part their tour schedule. We do our best to respond to every inquiry within a day or two, but because of our hectic schedules, incomplete or underqualified applications may not receive responses. Thanks for understanding!)

Well, you’ve come to the right place, but are you the right person for the job? You might have years of experience as an artist’s model (and you might even be one of our favorite models at some of the more traditional life drawing sessions we attend around town), but honestly, we’re looking for something a little different at Dr. Sketchy’s.

So, are you:

—A kick-ass performer with experience in burlesque, belly dancing, sideshow, vaudeville, circus arts, or other performance art?

—The owner of a closet bursting with unique and zany/stunning/sparkly costumes? (Hint: looks that are just straight out of a Victoria’s Secret catalogue or a Party City Halloween costume package probably won’t cut it, unless they’ve been transformed with some creative and sharp costuming skills.) Extra points if you have awesome props to go with those costumes, and if you have two or three that can be worked into a theme.

Just watch some of our session highlights on our YouTube channel, then take an honest look at your wardrobe: can it match—or beat—what past models have worn?

—Able to hold a variety of interesting poses for 1 to 20 minutes at a time?

—A professional who will take this gig seriously and won’t crap out on us two weeks before your scheduled session—leaving us scrambling to find a replacement and do our promotional stuff all over again—for any reason that doesn’t involve severe illness or a death in the family?

—Not afraid to have photos of your scantily-clad self posted all over our blog, Facebook page, and Twitter feed, as well as the global Dr. Sketchy’s sites? Someone with a thick skin who’ll appreciate the art—which can range from the beautiful to the bizarre to the downright bawdy—that our artists create during our sessions?

—Someone who can carefully follow directions, both spoken and written? As in, did you really, honestly read every word of this? (Because, if we lost you at this point, might as well give up now….)

—On Facebook, Instagram, and/or elsewhere on the web? (And, dear god, please don’t point us to that MySpace profile you’ve not updated since 2008.) Dr. Sketchy’s is something we manage during any spare time we get, at all hours of the day and night, online. It’s also really helpful to be able to link to your website/profile when we’re promoting your session—not to mention that you can use them to help us spread the word to your friends and fans, too. At the absolute minimum, you must have an email account you check (at least) daily, and your own cell phone on which you can send and receive text messages.

Well, if you truthfully answered all of those points with a “hell yeah!”, then we’d love to hear from you via email—once you’ve read the next (and, yes, even more detailed) page, so please click on.

And, if you can’t show us that you qualify in all these areas, then we hope you can be a part of Dr. Sketchy’s as a member of the audience.

Please note: The following forms of inquiry will not land you a gig at our branch:

—Leaving comments anywhere on this site asking us to contact you about modeling.

—Showing up at one of our events to ask us about modeling while we’re running around doing set-up/hosting/clean-up.

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  1. I am interested in modeling…could you please send me any further information. I currently model at Harford Community College for both credit and non-credit classes. I have also been told that I’m really good at it;) I have a BFA in Acting so I can easily portray an emotion without speaking. I also have quite a costume collection. Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. I am interested in modeling. I’m a former exotic dancer with LOTS of costumes… school girl, military, sexy computer nerd, whatever, I’ve got it! Also, a few nice dresses and corsets, cause, you know, every girl needs those. I’m very comfortable with bearing a little skin. I have also modeled for an old friend and artist Peter Excho ( so I’m fine with standing still. Let me know if you need a new girl! Thanks!

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