Photos and sketches of Sugar Ann Spice!


Sugar Ann Spice totally lived up to her name at our last session:  she’s both sweet and—as you can see here—totally hot.


Rrrrrrrowr!! Seriously, folks, we’re totally grateful to the charming and beautiful Sugar for braving horrific traffic on the way up from DC to be our muse for the evening.  Check out more of these awesome poses she treated our artists to on the 22nd.




And, Don from Artist & Craftsman Supply on North Ave. and Howard St. handed out free canvases to each attendee at the beginning of the session—only asking in return that everyone either work on his or her canvas during the session, or take it home and create a finished piece inspired by the session, and bring it back to the store to be included in a show.  So, while Dr. Sketchy’s is the “Anti-Art School”, you guys did get some (fun) homework.  Show Don your appreciation by bringing back your piece for the show! (And remember, you don’t have to be a painter to work on canvas.)

Anyway, less tell, more show.



Here’s a page of sketches of Sugar by Brian Dugan:


Note Sugar’s awesome flamenco dress–it’s going to come up again later when I try to explain the origin of one of our contests.


We at Dr. Sketchy’s Baltimore are sometimes a little slow to come up with contest ideas, so the first one we did (after the usual non-dominant hand drawing contest) was the random noun contest. I asked the audience to blurt out the first person, place, or thing that came to mind–the one brave soul who piped up was thinking very alphabetically—


—“Aardvark“??  We just knew it was vaguely like an anteater, so that’s what most of our imaginative art monkeys went with when they incorporated an aardvark into their drawings.

I’m pretty sure this gentleman below was the winner of this contest. What did he win, you’re wondering? So am I. I’m pretty sure he won the latest issue of Mome, a quarterly anthology of indie comics, generously provided by Atomic Books in Hampden. Otherwise, I’m switching the evening’s prizes in my hazy memory, so keep reading for the other prize of the evening.



Chip Molter’s drawing, above:  “Stupid aardvark! It is NOT Sugar Ant Spice!”  And Brian Dugan sent us his lovely drawing of Sugar and an aardvark getting, uh, swept away.


So while everyone was struggling to come up with the best incorporation of an aardvark/anteater, Team Sketchy was trying to come up with the next contest.  Inspired by the fabulous Sugar’s flamenco dress, Bill came up with his brilliant suggestion:  “Who would be Sugar’s celebrity partner in Dancing with the Stars?”

Well, I thought it was brilliant.  Of course, when I announced the contest I got more puzzled looks from the audience than usual.  And Sugar took off that awesome flamenco dress, which, if this were Dancing with the Stars, would probably draw the ire of the FCC—but would make for a much better show, IMHO.


It seemed most of the audience were stumped by this, or thought we’d totally lost it.  Not so one of our loyal regulars, though, who never fails to take our Jager-induced contest ideas and create something truly crazy and brilliant.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Sugar and Steven Segal, by Diego Molano.

sugar and steven

For his work of sheer genius, Diego took home a copy of Miss Mindy’s Sassy Paper Doll Bonanza, a very Dr. Sketchy-apropos collection of saucy paper dolls from Baby Tattoo Books.  (Or that copy of Mome…?)


Seriously, this outfit is soo cute!  (And, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, Aaron’s not writing the blog, as he usually does.)  Here’s one more sketch of Sugar by Brian Dugan–check out more of his sketches from that evening here.


Since we had a late start, we went past 10 so Sugar could give us one last pose.  Those of you who called it a night promptly at 10 p.m. missed out–check out Sugar’s awesomely sparkly skull-and-crossbones pasties!



It was like a little treat for those of us who aren’t so old yet that we need to be in bed by 11. ;-p

So, lots and lots of thanks again to the stunning Sugar Ann Spice, and to our wonderful sponsors—Artist & Craftsman Supply, Atomic Books, and Baby Tattoo. And to Bill (door guy, crazy- contest-idea generator, and late-night furniture-moving muscle), and to Jeff Schock (fearless photo-taker who totally outdid himself this time).

And, again, special thanks to Lynn Hafner, Derek, and Andrew at Dionysus—I honestly can’t imagine us still doing this after a year if we didn’t start out in such a fantastic venue as Dionysus. We love you guys!

And, we love all of you that joined us this session, and especially Brian and Diego for sending us their work.  If you’ve been putting off scanning in your own sketches, or for whatever reason your drawings haven’t yet been posted here (i.e. your email from May got caught in the spam folder and I just found it), don’t despair:  send them to us (if you haven’t already done so) and we’ll put up a “sketch backlog bonanza” blog post next week.

See you at our new home at the Windup Space (12 W. North Ave.) on July 20! We’re thrilled to have the lovely Lucille Lingerhans von Spankenstein returning to Dr. Sketchy’s for this special session.  See Lucille and the rest of the fabulous Gilded Lily Burlesque this Saturday at the Creative Alliance!

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