See Gilded Lily this Saturday night!

Yes, this Saturday–as in, tomorrow night. It’s gonna be awesome–buy your tickets now!

Gilded Lily Burlesque w/Wasabassco Traveling Burlesque Revue

Creative Alliance

$15, $12 mbrs. Members’ Happy Hour 7pm w/food, $2 drinks, & priority seating. Free ticket if you join. Members shanghai a new member and both of you enjoy the Happy Hour and show for free.

A double-bill of saucy striptease! After their hot and hilarious Valentine’s show at CA, Baltimore’s Gilded Lily Burlesque is back! The six bawdy beauties and their host Paco Fish are joined by Brooklyn’s Wasabassco Traveling Burlesque Revue & Medicine Show.

General public, click here for tickets!
Members, click here for tickets!

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