We’re moving to Windup!

If you weren’t able to join us on June 22, you missed out on a fantastic session with the fabulous Sugar Ann Spice! And, you also missed our last session at Dionysus.

We’re extremely grateful to Lynn Hafner, the charming and gorgeous owner of Dionysus, for having us at her wonderful bar for our first year. Lynn’s taking a well-deserved break from the restaurant business, and so the bar will be under new ownership. We’re told that it will still be Dionysus under the new owners, and Aaron and I will still grab a beer and a bite to eat there in the future, as we hope you will, too.

So, please join us on July 20, when the sassy Lucille Lingerhans von Spankenstein will be modeling for us at our new home–the Windup Space! In case you’re not familiar with this fantastic bar/gallery/music venue, it’s in the Station North Arts District at 12 W. North Ave., on the corner of North and Charles, pretty much around the corner and up the street from Dionysus–though, I hope you guys will know where Windup is, since you should’ve checked out the Vs. show by now. The show will be up till the end of July so, at the least, the slackers among you can see it at our next session. 😉 But, really, why wait for almost a month to see our new digs? Just go now.

Moving to the Windup means we’ll have more space–it’s at least twice as big as Dionysus’s dining room–and so will the model, since there’s a stage. (And, maybe I can finally put my crappy decade-old light stands out to pasture.) Also, Windup does not serve food, so feel free to get take out from wherever–maybe a pizza from Joe Squared, up the street–and bring it into the bar.

Aaand, Russell, the owner of Windup, has agreed to make an exception to his 21+  rule for us–so, until further notice, Dr. Sketchy’s Baltimore is now an 18+ event. Of course, you still have to be at least 21 to drink.

Check our blog next week, where we’ll have sketches and photos from our session with Sugar Ann Spice. (Also, if you visit us on Facebook, you might get a sneak-peak in the next few days of some of the drawings we’ve received.) In the meantime, as always–send us your sketches!

See you on the 20th at the Windup Space!

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