Dr. Sketchy’s tonight! Sugar Ann Spice!


Last reminder!  Drawing!  Drinking!  Dames!

2 Replies to “Dr. Sketchy’s tonight! Sugar Ann Spice!”

  1. Are all of your models nude or semi – nude ,I’m use to drawing and painting the nude figure .I ‘ m a member of the ” Charcoal club Society ” and a graduate of the maryland institute of art in graphic illustrating .I might just be interested if its full figure nudes ,I use to skech in strip joints in washington , DC write to me when you havwe a chance , Allen board

    1. Nope, there’s never any full nudity….to get an idea of what a session looks like, scroll back through some of the earlier blog posts. (The one for Sugar’s session should be up in a little while.) We have a lot of Charcoal Club ex-attendees, and they enjoy it, but you should definitely look at the pictures yourself to see if you would like it.

      (We think you will, but we’re biased. 🙂

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