Roma Mafia this Monday, August 9th!


Keep in mind, this will be our ONLY SESSION IN AUGUST!  As we always do, we’re taking our little August break to recharge, travel, go on benders, and probably get arrested.

Don’t worry though, we’ll be back in September though as long as we don’t get too crazy and wake up in Equador and say, “F*ck it, we ain’t going back!”  You never know.

So, Monday, August 9th is Roma Mafia’s Dr. Sketchy’s debut and your last chance to go to Dr. Sketchy’s for an entire month.  You’ll love her, we promise.

Couple notes . . .

1) If you want a little preview, check out Palace of Wonders in DC on Friday where Roma Mafia and 7 others will be putting on a super-duper burlesque extravaganza.  Check out the calendar page (link in the right side-bar) for all the gritty details.

2) That ain’t the only thing going on this weekend though – Gilded Lily has been playing drill seargent to a bunch of budding burlesque stars for the past month or so and their first ever performance is Saturday night at the Mobtown Theater in Woodberry.  Alexis and I’ll be there, you should be too.  Details, again, are over on the calendar page.

3) While I’m mentioning, the whole calendar page has been updated – lots of events at the Palace of Wonders and there’s a Trixie & Monkey show at the Ottobar next week too.

4) The official national Dr. Sketchy’s site has been completely redone, with every branch on the planet having it’s own page.  Check it out, it looks absolutely amazing.  Traveling to see your grandma in Illinois next month?  Look up the Sketchy branch there and see what’s going on.

So . . . come see Roma Mafia this Monday at the Windup Space;  it’s your only session this August!  Doors at 6, start at 7!  Prizes from our wonderful sponsors Atomic Books, Artist & Craftsman Supply, and Baby Tattoo Books!

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