Johnny Blazes next Monday!

(Photo : (c) 2009

Hey everyone!

Well, Aaron and I have just returned, fairly exhausted but inspired, from SketchyCon, the annual meeting where Dr. Sketchy’s directors (like us) from around the world get together to plot things like bigger and better Dr. Sketchy’s events, how to get more free stuff for you guys, and world domination.

Along with some new ideas we hope to try out in the future, we’ve brought back the Dr. Sketchy’s Traveling Sketchbook. This is a sketchbook that will be gradually filled with art and mementos from each branch–and, our branch will be the first to make its mark in this worldwide Dr. Sketchy’s project. We’ll need to send it to the next branch on the list pretty quickly, so your one chance to contribute to the sketchbook will be at our next session:

Monday, May 10
Dr. Sketchy’s Baltimore featuring Johnny Blazes
doors open at 6 p.m., drawing starts at 7 p.m.
The Windup Space
$8 at the door
18+ to draw, 21+ to drink

The fantastic gender-bending, tongue-in-cheek performer, Johnny Blazes, will down from Boston to be our vaudvillian muse for the evening! Don’t miss this session–Johnny’s been a huge hit at every Dr. Sketchy’s branch that’s had hir, and we’re thrilled to be included in hir current tour!

As always, doors open at 6 and drawing starts at 7–and seriously, show up early to get a good seat. We’ll have more crazy drawing contests in which we’ll be giving away more prizes from Atomic Books, Artist & Craftsman Supply, and Baby Tattoo Books!

Johnny will also have two other events this weekend: on Friday, a performance workshop entitledTransforming Text, and on Saturday, wo(n)man show, an evening-long performance that blends cabaret arts with theater to create a charming semi-narrative series of vignettes–both at the Copycat Annex (419 E. Oliver St.). Get the details on both events here (and while you’re at Facebook, you might as well RSVP for Monday’s session here).

Also this weekend: Jen Swanson, our occasional official photographer, will have a show of her work at the Ottobar (2549 N. Howard St.), opening this Friday!  The rest of the calendar for about 2 months has been updated too, so check it out.

And, thanks to everyone who came out to draw the delectable Miss Cherry Delight! We’ll have the session recap up on the blog this weekend, so please send us your sketches of Cherry this week. Scan them in, take a photo, email, Twitpic (@DrSketchysBmore), post them on Facebook—whatever you need to do to get the images to us works.

Lastly, we’ll be hanging our very first Dr. Sketchy’s Baltimore art show in just a month from now. So, folks, it’s time to seriously get some work together to submit at the end of this month for the show . . . can’t wait to see everyone’s work hanging up at the Windup Space!

Have fun, and see you Monday!

–Alexis and Aaron

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