Want to see next week’s prizes?

Just a quick note, I just finished my bi-monthly trek around Station North putting up flyers for next Monday’s Dr. Sketchy’s and stopped by Artist & Craftsman Supply to pick up the prizes.  Sweet Jesus there was a big bag waiting.  To be honest, I almost didn’t make it over to the Windup Space with it (the car running a light and nearly splatting me didn’t help).  Figured I’d take a quick photo and let folks see what we’ll be giving away over the next two sessions during the contests.

If you’re not buying your art supplies from Artist & Craftsman Supply yet, you should be.  They’re at the corner of North & Howard, basically across the street (and they’re open to 8 too).

Oh, and don’t forget Atomic Books, take a look at this.

Bettie Page: Queen of Hearts by Jim Silke is a collection of paintings, drawings, dime store novels, and even advertisements influenced by Bettie Page.

And from Baby Tattoo Books,

I’m not sure which one we’re giving away yet (Alexis is in Phoenix at the moment and we usually decide at the last moment anyway), but it’s probably one of these two.

Also, Russell who owns Windup Space is going to do a contest as well….a free drink (I don’t know the specifics yet) for him to be able to keep a drawing and hang it behind the bar for the next two weeks.  Sounds like this will probably be a regular thing too.

That’s all I got at the moment, now I’m going to start working on the blog post for Lena Grove’s session last week.  Probably get it up late tonight or tomorrow.  So if you have a sketch you want to send in, you have mere MOMENTS LEFT.

Dr. Sketchy’s with Sugar Ann Spice is next Monday, November 23rd, 7:00 (doors at 6), at the Windup Space.  Earlier you are, better the seat.

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