Want to see next week’s prizes?

Just a quick note, I just finished my bi-monthly trek around Station North putting up flyers for next Monday’s Dr. Sketchy’s and stopped by Artist & Craftsman Supply to pick up the prizes.  Sweet Jesus there was a big bag waiting.  To be honest, I almost didn’t make it over to the Windup Space with it (the car running a light and nearly splatting me didn’t help).  Figured I’d take a quick photo and let folks see what we’ll be giving away over the next two sessions during the contests.

If you’re not buying your art supplies from Artist & Craftsman Supply yet, you should be.  They’re at the corner of North & Howard, basically across the street (and they’re open to 8 too).

Oh, and don’t forget Atomic Books, take a look at this.

Bettie Page: Queen of Hearts by Jim Silke is a collection of paintings, drawings, dime store novels, and even advertisements influenced by Bettie Page.

And from Baby Tattoo Books,

I’m not sure which one we’re giving away yet (Alexis is in Phoenix at the moment and we usually decide at the last moment anyway), but it’s probably one of these two.

Also, Russell who owns Windup Space is going to do a contest as well….a free drink (I don’t know the specifics yet) for him to be able to keep a drawing and hang it behind the bar for the next two weeks.  Sounds like this will probably be a regular thing too.

That’s all I got at the moment, now I’m going to start working on the blog post for Lena Grove’s session last week.  Probably get it up late tonight or tomorrow.  So if you have a sketch you want to send in, you have mere MOMENTS LEFT.

Dr. Sketchy’s with Sugar Ann Spice is next Monday, November 23rd, 7:00 (doors at 6), at the Windup Space.  Earlier you are, better the seat.

Little Luna Sketches!

After a fantastic night of drinking and drawing with Little Luna, we’ve got a bunch of sketches to show! While I’d prefer to post the sketches with the photos in one big recap post, it seems kinda wrong to just leave these awesome drawings sitting unseen in our inbox any longer.

Here’s a page full of quick (1-2 minute) sketches from David Newbold:


Here’s a few of Brian Dugan‘s quick sketches:


Brian captured Little Luna’s pixie-like beauty in his 10-minute drawings:


And, for his entry in the two-panel contest, Kurt Aspland was obviously also inspired by it:041409-kurta2

David Newbold was inspired to create a two-panel story of another sort…

041308-davidn2…and was one of the winners of a brand new wood panel and watercolor set from Artist & Craftsman Supply.

He and the other talented winner may have also gotten a small canvas each, actually. I honestly don’t remember now, because Don, our very generous sponsor at A&C, was giving away a shit-ton of free stuff –free (22″ x 30″, maybe?) sheets of Fabriano paper, some smaller sheets of tinted paper… Seriously, folks must have gotten the cover fee back in free art supplies. If you were one of those lucky artists to get in on this, be sure to stop by the store on North Ave. and Howard St. to thank him.

Our next contest was to incorporate mini-Munny into your drawing of Little Luna. The prize, of course, was a mini-Munny from Atomic Books in Hampden (reminder: you have less than two weeks to see their Vinylmore 2: Tiny Town show, right in the store.)

David’s entry for this contest:


And here’s Kurt’s:


And Brian’s (like David’s, imagining mini-Munny and Luna in a King Kong situation):


Leah Bloomfield took home the Munny with her Gulliver’s Travels-inspired drawing:


Our last contest was a bit of an experiment for us. Before the last break, I first showed off our very awesome prize from our newest sponsor, Baby Tattoo Books, which was a copy of Ragnar’s Symptomatica. We then passed out blank cards to the audience and asked them to write a single, random sentence on their card during the break. At the end of the break, we asked everyone to pass their card to the person on their left, then announced the contest: incorporate the sentence given to you into your drawing.

As if we needed any confirmation that our audience is made up of seriously twisted (but talented!) individuals…some of the things people came up with were pretty awesomely bizarre or just straight up wrong. Hopefully, we’ll get more of those to share here, but in the meantime, here’s Brian’s entry:


And here’s a photo (one of the few we have at the moment) of the winner with his entry and his prize:img_3165-1

I think the sentence was something like, “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy ketchup.”

And that’s all for now!

Well, almost. Here’s one more–Leah Bloomfield created this lovely finished illustration after the session, using her winning Munny sketch as a reference:


Special thanks to David, Brian, Kurt, and Leah for sharing their fantastic sketches with us! If you have sketches from any of our sessions that you’d like us to include in our blog, send them here.

And, of course, a huuuge thanks to our lovely muse, Little Luna!

Check back in a few days for the photos from this session and details on our next session on April 27.