Photos from the Little Luna session!


That’s easily my favorite photo. 🙂

Gazillions of thanks to Little Luna (Happy belated birthday!), who without, we would have all been very, very bored, and, well, things would have been somewhat awkward.  Thanks to Lynn, Derrick, Andrew, and everyone else at Dionysus too for letting us draw pretty Luna in their dining room and for keeping our drinks filled (and getting lit with Alexis and I lit later on that evening after we finished putting everything back together).

Thanks to Jeff for the photos and Bill for holding down the door.  Tons and tons of thanks to our sponsors Atomic Books, Artist & Craftsman Supply, and Baby Tattoo Books.  By the way, Don from Artist & Craftsman gave away a ton of free art supplies . . . in addition the two art piles (water colors, canvases, etc) give away as prizes for a contest.

More photos, yes?

The next two of Little Luna in her Eve costume crack me up.








This next one was for the Atomic Books sponsored contest, which was best incorporation of the Mini-Munny in your drawing, with the prize being the Mini-Munny.



The above one cracked me up…if you can’t read the text, the top caption says, “I wonder what sort of accessory comes with Full-Size Luna?” and the bottom one says, “I wonder what sort of accessory comes with Full-Size Munny?”



The next contest was for Symptomatica by Ragnar, from Baby Tattoo books.


Watch out, Vanna.

Back to Luna…


The contest was a new one….write the most fucked up sentence you can think of on a card, then pass it to the person on your left who then has to try and incorporate into their drawing.

There were some seriously demented sentences.


Next session is this Monday, April 27th, at 7 with Sable Sin Cyr.


Alexis and I are actually in NYC this weekend for a Dr. Sketchy’s convention, so, if the train explodes or Molly gets us all arrested, Bill and Jeff may have to run the shebang themselves, which could be all sorts an interesting adventure, but hopefully no trains will explode and since Alexis and I are quite good at evaporating after bar fights, there’s probably nothing to worry about.


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