An evening with the amazing Johnny Blazes!

Holy moley, even thinking of Johnny Blazes’s session makes me blush all over again.  If never-ending quest to make every session different and hopefully better than the last, we decided to experiment by having a 5-minute performance by Johnny halfway through the session.  Sabrina Chap had played a few songs for us a few sessions back, and, well, that had gone so damn amazing that we thought, “Could it work for anything else?”

Well, great googly moogly, Johnny Blazes’ performance was akin to someone rolling a holy hand grenade of drag, burlesque, and honky-tonk right off the stage and into the crowd.  For two years now we’ve been tickled pink with how the sessions worked, but honestly felt there was something missing, i.e., it’s one thing to see, say, Paco Fish on stage in his frozen glory for the benefit of your sharpened pencils and it’s an altogether different to see that glory when the game of Red Light/Green Light is no longer stuck in red.

See, our woe has always been that you, for the most part, really never get to know any of these great performers.  Sure, there’s some occasional chatting with the audience, but you don’t get to see what THEY are good at, their art, that flare that they’re famous for in various performance houses up and down the East coast (and sometimes places as far away as Australia).

It’s no secret, but Alexis and I are burlesque junkies.  It’s rare you won’t see us in the crowd at various shows around Baltimore hooting and hollering for all the folk you’ve seen modeling the last two years.  If you check out our calendar page, you’ll see the various upcoming shows we know of.  We tell you about them during the sessions and we try to tweet as many of them as we can.

Folks come up to us all the time and say, “Wow, I really love Little Luna, she’s an amazing model!” or “I could draw Maria Bella all day long!”

. . . and we’ll reply, “We know!!  S/he is amazing!  Have you seen her/him perform?”

“Umm, errr, no.  S/he performs?”


Well, maybe not “dude!”.  Unless we were tipsy.  Come to think of it, at that point, we’re often tipsy….WHETHER WE SAY DUDE OR NOT ISN’T IMPORTANT.

What is important is that for now on, if the model is a performer and they’re up for it,  they’ll give you a five minute peek during the middle of the session at WHY they’re posing for Dr. Sketchy’s and why Alexis and I squeal and titter like three-year-olds over the fact that they’re posing.  These guys and gals who pose for you are some of the smartest, most talented, creative people we’ve ever met.  To be blunt, they’re just damn COOL, and we want you to see why.

Now, Little Luna won’t be able to do one this Monday since she’s doing two performances this week anyway, but she WILL perform this Saturday with Gilded Lily at the Windup.  More on that later, though.

Anyways, on to the show!  (And believe me, Johnny Blazes brought it.)

And with that, someone pulled the pin on Johnny and all hell broke loose….to the tune of “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk” by Trace Adkins, no less.  She was moving pretty fast, so most of the pictures were pretty blurry, but here’s the best one Jeff was able to get.

After a cold glass of water and maybe a shot, we started the five-minute poses and contests.

The first contest, for two mysterious drinks from Russell’s mysterious (i.e., scary) brain, was the opposite hand drawing contest.  If you’re righty, do it with your lefty; if you’re a lefty do it with your righty; and if you’re multi-handy you’re cheating and are going to be rewarded with a drink for your shiftiness.

Brian Dugan

Second up in contest land was best incorporation of Monty Python, since it was international Monty Python Status Day, with the prize being a Johnny Blazes t-shirt.

(Gift to Johnny Blazes from an anonymous artist.)

Brian Dugan

Brian Dugan

The third contest was in honor of Frank Franzetta with the two winners getting either a beautiful frame from Artist & Craftsman Supply right across the street at the corner of North and Howard, or a Mini-Munny from Atomic Books in Hampden on the corner of the Avenue and Falls.  Why a frame from Artist & Craftsman?  If you just asked that, I’m going to cry.  I will sit in the middle of the next session and sob.  Trust me, it will be embarrassing for all of us.

So, why?  Because June 9th is the first-ever Dr. Sketchy’s gallery art show along with an exhibit of the stunning photos of J.M. Giordano!  Do you have a drawing or painting that was done or inspired by Dr. Sketchy’s over the last two years?  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring it to the next session with Little Luna on May 24th (you can bring them after that, too).  Want to know the specifics?  The blog post right below this one has everything you need to know, just scroll down.  If you’ve EVER drawn or painted something at Dr. Sketchy’s, PLEASE bring something in.  We want a salon-style show, i.e., want the wall stuffed with as many pieces as possible, touching frame to frame if we have to.  All it has to be is ready to hang.

Where were we?  Oh yeah.

Here’s what a Mini-Munny looks like….they’re customizable DIY toys that you can paint/draw/mold into anything you want.

(Another gift to Johnny from an anonymous artist, who won first place in this contest and chose the Mini-Munny.)

Brian Dugan

Last up for the evening was our Baby Tattoo Books contest, who you should know by now runs the L.A. Dr. Sketchy’s.  The prize was a copy of Shag’s newest book, Autumn’s Come Undone, for the best incorporation of Mad Men.

Brian Dugan

And that was that for the evening.  Easily one of my favorite sessions.  Special thanks to Johnny Blazes for making an amazing session amazing.  Thanks as well to our sponsors Atomic Books, Artist & Craftsman Supply, and Baby Tattoo Books who without our contests wouldn’t be possible.  Thanks to Jeff for the always stunning pictures, Russell for DJing and slinging drinks, not to mention having us at the Windup, and of course to everyone who came out to make Johnny Blazes feel welcome.

Our next session is Monday, May 24th (tomorrow!) with Little Luna of Gilded Lily Burlesque!  Little Luna was supposed to pose months ago but got SCREWED by that whole Snowmageddon bullshit . . . a lot of folks have been waiting for to come back, so make sure to come early to get a good seat!

Don’t forget, Little Luna & the rest of Gilded Lily Burlesque will be performing this Saturday at the Windup Space . . . if you haven’t see a show before, come out, pull up a barstool beside Alexis and me . . . I guarantee it’ll be one of the best Saturday nights you’ve had out in a long while. Plus, we’ll be giving away two tickets (well, spots on the guest list, technically) for this show at tomorrow’s session!

Anyways, that’s it.  Monday night, the doors open at 6!

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A scrumptulescent serving of Miss Cherry Delight!

Miss Cherry Delight, delicious cupcakes from Sweet Sin Bakery, and whip-cracking?

If you didn’t get a sugar rush, your glucose meter is broke.

Look at those cupcakes. Just look at them. It was all I could do not to lick every single one and tell the rest of you to go to hell, lock myself in the Windup and sob quietly over a couple dozen gluten-free cupcakes and a case of Natty-Boh. To be honest with you, and please keep this to yourself, I DID suggest this and promptly got shanked by Alexis.

Lesson? Alexis loves you more than cupcakes, and sadly, I do not.

Cherry, though, was able to balance both.

. . . and then it was time for Cherry Delight to death-defying whip demonstration.  I’m not sure how someone could have been killed from it, BUT THEY COULD HAVE.

Our first contest, as usual, was the opposite hand drawing contest, where if you’re right-handed you draw with your left, and if you’re left-handed you draw with your right, and if you’re ambidextrous you should keep quiet unless you want to get egged.  The prize was a “OhmygodwhatdidRusselljustputinthatthing??” drink from the bar for thew two illustrious winners.

After that, more of the delicious Miss Cherry Dee . . .

Mike Hasson

John Brewer

Next up was the BOOBQUAKE contest. I’m sure you already knew, but if you didn’t, Monday was officially Boobquake Day. What does that mean? Well, apparently some idiot Iranian cleric blamed all the world’s earthquakes on women around the world showing too much cleavage. As a response, women around the world decided to show as much cleavage as possible in order to disprove his ridiculous claim.

[clears throat]  Unfortunately, there WAS an earthquake.  Err, whoops.

Anyways (sorry Taiwan!) the winner received a Uncle Dick’s famously Kinky, Hanky-Panky-Spanky Kit from Artist & Craftsman Supply just across the street at the corner of North and Howard.  I thought this was pretty amusing considering the contest.

John Brewer

Third up to bat was the random now contest where the crowd shouts out random nouns until Alexis hears something amusing enough to base a contest around.  A flurry of cries were flung out, the last of which was a shout of “Smurfs!” which suspicious sounded as if it came from the direction of the bar.  (I’m pretty sure Russell set us up, folks.)

As soon as the pose began Windup’s sound system belted out the Smurf song . . . Russell’s probably been waiting years to use that.

The prize was a Mini-Munny from Atomic Books in Hampden on the corner of the Avenue and Falls.  What’s a Mini-Munny?  Well, it’s a DIY vinyl toy that looks like this :

They’re basically crack for crafty types.

Mike Hasson

Samantha Cimino

(If you know who drew this, email us.)

(Ditto for this one.)

The last contest of the evening was the best incorporation of Coney Island in your drawing with the prize being Miss Mindy’s Sassy Paper Doll Bonanza from Baby Tattoo Books, who’s owner also runs the LA branch of Dr. Sketchy’s.

(Another one by “unknown artist”)

Paul Moscatt

Samantha Cimino

Samantha Cimino

And with that, the evening was sadly over.  The cupcake boxes were forlornly empty (they actually vanished pretty damn fast), Cherry’s ride had arrived, and the trek back to Normalsville awaited.

We would like to thank first and foremost the delectable Miss Cherry Delight for traveling all the way from Coney Island to pose for our drawing pleasure; our fetching sponsors Sweet Sin Bakery, Atomic Books, Artist & Craftsman Supply, and Baby Tattoo books for donating cupcakes and prizes for your . . .ummm . . . cupcaking and prizing pleasure;  to Russell for slinging booze, DJing, and having such a cool bar; Bill for working on the Dr. Sketchy’s Baltimore documentary which is coming along pretty damn nicely; Jeff for the amazing photos you see above;  and of course all of you who came out and made Cherry feel welcome. 🙂

Our next session is Monday, May 10th, only days away, with Johnny Blazes!

Not only that, but we have the Official Traveling Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School Sketchbook, which we picked up this past weekend in New York at SketchyCon! Monday will be your one chance to leave your mark in this Sketchworld-wide project before we ship it off to Chicago, so don’t miss it!

“She’s dead . . . wrapped in plastic.”

April 12th’s special Twin Peaks themed session with Viola Van Wilde of Gilded Lily Burlesque was EASILY one of the best sessions we’ve ever had.  You probably don’t know this, but this session has been planned for over a year.  When we first moved to the WindUp Space and were discussing the ins and outs with Russell, one of the first things he said was, “Hey, uh, is there a chance you could do a Twin Peaks themed session next year when we do our Lynchfest?  Ummm, have you seen Twin Peaks?”

Oh, little did he know.  If you’ve not seen Twin Peaks, you should.  Yes, it’s obscure, but basically, Twin Peaks was the Lost, Firefly, or BSG of its era.  I’m not going to belabor the point, but if you’re looking for a good yarn, Google it, you can watch it online for free with a little digging.

Anyways…we had donuts and some “damn good cherry pie” from Fenwick Bakery!

To be honest, we came pretty close to eating all of them before any of you showed up.  We’re good, moral, upstanding folks, though, so, err, we didn’t.

Well, we ate a few.

(This Monday though is going to be even sweeter….Sweet Sin Bakery is sponsoring Miss Cherry Delight’s session with free cupcakes!  Don’t be late, they’ll go fast.)

In any case, take a gander at sexy Log Lady, Viola Van Wilde.

FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper: “Who’s the lady with the log?”

Sheriff Harry S. Truman: “We call her the log lady.”

Log Lady:  “One day my log will have something to say about this.”

Kerry Brady

Log Lady: “Dark. Laughing. The owls were flying. Many things were blocked.”

(Well, in this case, the owls were blocking two things. Otherwise, we’d all get arrested.)

The Giant: “The owls are not what they seem.”

BTW, those have to be the coolest pasties ever.  (Or, as Russell said, “Nice hooters!”)

Viola’s next outfit was the sexy Audrey Horne.  Not only was she holding an amazing pose, but while doing so, she secretly tied the stem of a maraschino cherry into knot, which is how Audrey was able to infiltrate the bordello, One Eyed Jack’s, in Twin Peaks.

Our first contest was the opposite hand contest, where if you’re left handed you draw with your right, and if you’re right right handed you draw with your left, and if you’re ambidextrous you should . . . I don’t know, email me some jokes, cause, I’m running out of clever things to say in this portion.  The two winners got some sort of mystery concoction from Russell.  Lord knows what was in it.

Pete Martell, upon finding the murdered Laura Palmer in the opening scene of Twin Peaks: “She’s dead . . . wrapped in plastic.”

Kerry Brady

Stewart White

Stewart White

Special thanks to Brian K. who was thoroughly and appropriately disturbing as Bob for a pose or two. 🙂

The next contest was, “What other things are wrapped in plastic?” with the prize being a sketchbook from Artist & Craftsman Supply which is at the corner of Howard and North, basically just across the street, which is pretty damn convenient if you need some last-minute art supplies.

Kerry Brady

Next up was the artist’s best incorporation of “Fire, walk with me”, the quintessential phrase/key to all of Twin Peaks.

Kerry Brady

John Brewer

Stewart White

The prize was a Mini-Munny from Atomic Books, on the corner of Falls Rd and the Avenue in Hampden.

BTW, this is a good time to mention that you’ve got about a week left to check out what some local artists have created from these DIY vinyl dolls in Vinylmore 3 : Vinylmore, Munnyland at Atomic Books.  You can see photos of some pieces from this and past shows here, but really, you should see them in person, so don’t miss it.

And last up was the artist’s incorporation of “What’s the next TV series we may be paying homage to 20 years from now?”  The prize was Obscene Interiors by Justin Jorgenson from Baby Tattoo Books.  We didn’t get any of those sketches in the mail this time, so you’ll just have to imagine those.

Special thanks to Viola Van Wilde and Brian K. for seriously going above and beyond for this session!  Big thanks as well to our generous sponsors Atomic Books, Artist & Craftsman Supply, and Baby Tattoo Books.  Thanks to Bill for doing door and filming for the Dr. Sketchy’s Baltimore documentary, to Jeff for taking all the amazing photos you see above, and to Russell for helping everyone get sloshed. And thanks to everyone who came out, Peaks geeks and otherwise!

Tonight, April 26th, is a super-duper special session with Miss Cherry Delight, Coney Island’s burlesque confection, who is coming down to Charm City for your drawing pleasure . . . not only that, but there will be free cupcakes from Sweet Sin Bakery!

The flyer is by Alexis, and that amazing photo is by Sherri O’Connor.  Check out the rest of her stunning work.

Oh, keep in mind the door charge is now $8 instead of $7 . . . after two years we finally had to raise it.  Free cupcakes from Sweet Sin Bakery though and Cherry Delight?  What could you possibly be doing on a Monday night that could be better than that?