Dr. Sketchy’s tonight, Feb 23rd, with Lady Vile! AND ‘Ze Rules!’


Lady Vile, prizes from Atomic Books and Artist & Craftsman Supply, shots, beer, antilope on pogo sticks, what more could you ask for?

Oh, this one is going to be ugly too folks, Alexis is down for the count with the flu, so Bill, Jeff, and I are going to be attempting this one by ourselves.  ‘What,’ you ask, ‘are three grown men scared of running a Dr. Sketchy’s session without one little girl?’

Yes, yes we are.

Since we fully expect this to be the session where everything just goes to hell in a handbasket, the cops raid, people start swinging from the chandeliers, and Jeff starts doing shots under the tables with the customers, that, AND it’s been almost a year since we’ve gone over the rules, let’s do a itty-bitty recap real quick.

1) Yes, you may buy Jeff shots and get him to do them under a table.

2) Don’t be an asshole.  This is really the only rule, as all the other ones flow from it.  The only reason there are any other rules at all, is, well, someone at some point did something stupid.

3) Don’t be rude to the model, other customers, Dionysus’s staff, or us.   We (the Dr. S folks at least) are here to have fun…..believe me, there ain’t any real money in this….we’re doing this to have a few beers with friends, do some drawing on the sly if we get the chance, and just have a good time.  We all have ‘real’ jobs where we get paid to put up with “The Man” and his ever-present grinding heel.

Anyone who’s rude to their bartender is a moron, and anyone who’s rude to a sexy lady/gentleman in lingerie is . . . is . . . I mean, REALLY?  What the hell.

You CAN be rude to Lynn though, the owner of Dionysus.  I saw it happen ONCE.  Bill doesn’t believe me that a man’s intestines can actually be pulled out through his nose, so I’m hoping someone will do it again sooner or later.  *IF* you decide to be rude to Lynn, please, for the love of God, come get Bill and I first so we can watch.

4) No outside food.  This is obvious and falls under the category of being rude to Lynn.

5) No chimpanzees.  Apparently they bite off faces.

6) Read the FAQ for a more extensive rules list, and for any other questions you might have.  If you haven’t read it in awhile, take a look, since it’s updated frequently.

I’m fairly certain I’m forgetting something, but oh well.  I’ll just post again if it comes to me.

Last session sold out folks, so get there early!

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