Recap from Feb 9th with Maria Bella


[This post has been updated with new sketches at the end.]

Maria Bella was pretty damn awesome on the 9th, folks.  Since we’ve already got a recap (see the blog with the sketches, below) and a video for last session, I’m just going to let these photos speak for themselves.

Oh, except, look at these crowd shots.  We sold out a few minutes after 7 o’clock.



People started showing up at 6:15 and we were already starting to get full at 6:40.  If you want to make sure you can get in before we sell out, I can’t stress enough that you need to show up early.   Also, every seat WILL get filled, so if you show up early for a good seat, picture all those seats around and in front of you filling up too when you pick it.

We’ve been around almost a year now (though not quite) and we haven’t gone over the Dr. Sketchy rules in a bit, so I’ll post those up in a day or two as well.  (Things like “no alligators”, “don’t take Aaron’s drink”, and “don’t pee on the floor.”)

Anyways, I’ll stop chatting.  Check out these pictures of Maria Bella, and if you didn’t see the previous two posts, check out the video and the recap too.















The winning entries from the Seven Deadly Sins contest.


This last pose was for the romance cover contest, which Sean Andrew Murray won. Here’s his awesome pulp- and (semi-) current-events-inspired drawing:

drsketchy_feb92009_10We try, out of fairness, to make sure people don’t win more than one contest per session, but sometimes we get drunk and forget who won what earlier in the session. Sean also was the other winner in the opposite-hand drawing contest for this sketch:


Next Dr. Sketchy’s is Feb 23rd with Lady Vile!

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