Bar none.

Photo by Alexis de la Rosa
Photo by Alexis de la Rosa

The Lady Satine hails from New Orleans and came recommended by the esteemed Sabrina Chap.

Normally we ignore email from Sabrina—we have enough trouble in our lives, thankyouverymuch—but this time, for whatever reason (we were drunk), we read this one message and I’m glad we did.  We’ve never had a polesque performer at Dr. Sketchy’s Baltimore, simply because—well, Russell didn’t install a pole for some reason. The Lady Satine had her own, though, and the results were amazing.

If I recall, that August session started out a little bumpy—Satine’s side view mirror exploded on her way to the Windup Space (mysteriously, with no warning) and I accidentally got on an express bus and ended up getting dropped off somewhere around Loch Raven and got to the Windup over an hour late. Maeve is a dynamo, though, and everything got set up in time anyway.

. . . and The Lady Satine. Look at those damn poses. Just look. You know that hurt for at least a few days after. I seriously doubt there are many drawing sessions like that in the history of the planet. No, really.

We had an assortment of drawing contests too, with the winners receiving either concoctions from Russell behind the bar, a pound of addictively delicious coffee from our new sponsor Turtle Creek Coffee, or a neat art book from Baby Tattoo Books, who runs the LA branch of Dr. Sketchy’s.

Special thanks to The Lady Satine for risking life and limb for your drawing pleasure; thanks to our generous sponsors Turtle Creek Coffee and Baby Tattoo Books; thanks to Russell of the Windup Space for slinging booze and tunes; thanks to Maeve for holding down the door and helping shove around chairs and stage crap; thanks to Alexis for emceeing; and of course thanks to everyone who sent in drawings, most of which can be seen in the video above.

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