“I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.” – Monet

Photo by Jeff Schock

This was Cherokee Rose’s first session posing for Dr. Sketchy’s Baltimore, though not her first for Dr. Sketchy’s. She certainly knew what she was doing.

Understandably, new folks always make us nervous. What if they get lost coming to the Windup? What if they’re a robot built by a rival Dr. Sketchy’s branch intent on a hostile takeover? What if the model doesn’t even exist and we’re being pranked by a T-Rex with an internet connection and someone willing to type for it?*  <– [see comments]

It can be stressful.

Cherokee was amazing – at no point did she transform into a boombox and try to steal our energon cubes nor did anyone get eaten. Just a whole lot of Super Sexy.

Cherokee Rose, along with GiGi Holliday, Roma Mafia, and Sophia Sunday (all past or future Dr. S models) will be performing with Bosley at ArtScape this Friday and Saturday at the Strand. I advise inserting that into your schedule. (But show up early, tickets won’t last.) https://www.facebook.com/nc.chelle/posts/4173968549282?notif_t=feed_comment_reply#!/events/341630882581322/

We had a bunch of drawing contests, with one lucky winner getting the latest issue of Retro Lovely from Atomic Books, another getting Autumn’s Come Undone by Shag from Baby Tattoo Books, and two poor souls getting some mystery concoction from Russell behind the bar.

Thank you to Craig Hankin, Kat Parker, Fred Oakes, Hallsi Rose Killian, Jennifer A Stark, John Schloman, and Tim Kelly, who all sent in drawings, which you can see in the gallery below.

Super duper thanks to Cherokee Rose for being our muse that evening; thanks to our sponsors Atomic Books and Baby Tattoo Books; thanks to Russell for slinging booze and tunes; thanks to Jeff for the photos you see above; thanks to Styger for helping me shove furniture around and run the door; and thanks to Alexis for holding the mic down.

Our next session is SATURDAY, July 21st, at the Windup during Artscape with Valeria Voxx! It’s a special two hour session with a “pay what you want” at the door, minimum of a dollar. There’ll be cold beer, cold air conditioning, and some great drawing. You should come.

4 Replies to ““I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.” – Monet”

  1. * [Below follows an example of the editing process on a Dr. S blog post]

    From: Alexis de la Rosa
    That’s totally absurd.

    From: Aaron Bush
    I like that the T-Rex has to find someone willing to type for him. 🙂 You KNOW he’s a backseat driver too. “Look, I WOULD type it myself if I could, but—no, no, NO. That is NOT how you spell pasties.”

    From: Alexis de la Rosa
    And he’d have to find someone hot for the staged photos and videos we saw before hiring Cherokee Rose.

    From: Aaron Bush
    Though now I’m picturing him trying to do the photos himself – LOTS of makeup, a wig, and all MySpace angles hoping we wouldn’t notice.

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