-2, -4

Photo by Alexis de la Rosa

Now THAT is obscure.

Anyway, we’re a little late with this blog post, but, well, that’s what happens when a giant storm tears up the East Coast with no fucking warning.  What are you going to do?

In any case, Deviana Fox was, is, amazing.  Take a look.


Thanks to Atomic Books for donating The Great American Pin-Up which some lucky person won in one of the contests, and thank you to What Katie Did for donating a pair of vintage back seamed stockings for another lucky winner.

Thank you to Cecilia Strakna, Clarice Jones, Craig Hankin, David Wright, Kat Parker, Kevin Yan, Lois Borgenicht, Stephanie Burgee, Stewart White, Tim Kelly, and Tom Symonds who all sent in drawings, which you can see in the gallery below.  Y’all sent in ALOT; if I misspelled a name somewhere or misattributed someone, let me know, with that many it’s pretty easy to make a mistake.

Thanks to Deviana Fox for doing a great job, though I am disappointed that none of y’all provoked her into lopping off a head; thanks to our sponsors Atomic Books and What Katie Did for the amazing prizes; thanks to Jeff for some of the best photos he’s ever taken; thanks to Russell for slinging tunes and booze, not to mention letting us use the amazing Windup Space; thanks to Styger for helping shove around furniture and hold down the door; thanks to Alexis mc-ing; and thank you to all the folks who joined us for a pretty amazing 77th session.

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