Roma Mafia, the Rapture, Butterflies, and Labyrinth.

Wow, the camera really likes Roma Mafia of Sticky Buns Burlesque.  Like, a lot.  The photos always look great, but this batch looks especially amazing.  Our photographer Jeff was in some sort of photographic zen-like zone and Roma was a CLEAR violation of Russell’s “don’t set fire to my stage” rule that he gets so strangely upset over.  (As a side note, Roma kicked ass Saturday night too along with Sticky Buns Burlesque and Gilded Lily Burlesque at the Planned Parenthood Benefit at Area 405.  Hope you went; you pretty much couldn’t throw a rock without hitting someone who’s modeled for Dr. Sketchy’s before.  Don’t throw rocks though.)

Here’s the 1 & 2-minute poses.

Brian Dugan

Brian Dugan

Brian Dugan

A quick break to so everyone could powder their noses and top off drinks and it was time for the 5-minute poses, the first of which was ye ol’ opposite hand contest, where if you’re right-handed you draw with your left and if you’re left-handed you draw with your right and if you’re ambidextrous, well, you’re disqualified and probably shouldn’t be here anyway and should be at a ninja academy or something.  The two winners got mystery drinks from Russell behind the bar.

Brian Dugan

Brian Dugan

Another break and it was time for the 10-minute poses, the first of which was a contest for best incorporation of the Rapture, since that whole “End of the World” nonsense was going on around then in the news.  The winners got to choose between a Strathmore Charcoal Pad and a pocket-sized leather-bound sketchbook from Artist & Craftsman Supply down the street on the corner of Howard and North.

Brian Dugan

Brian Dugan

The first 20-minute contest was best incorporation of the butterfly effect or Chaos Theory since it was Edward Lorenz’s birthday, the fellow who coined the term.  The prize was Rubber Duck by Karen Hsiau from Baby Tattoo Books.

Brian Dugan

Brian Dugan

The last pose of the night was best incorporation of the movie Labyrinth.  (The previous weekend Alexis and I had visited the Raleigh, NC branch of Dr. Sketchy’s, which hosted a special session at a Labyrinth-themed burlesque show.  It was pretty damn neat.)  The winners got their choice of either the latest issue of Retro Lovely or Hi Fructose and Bachelor Pad from Atomic Books on the corner of the Avenue and Falls in Hampden.

Brian Dugan

Thank you to Roma Mafia for a stunning session; thanks to our sponsors Atomic Books, Artist & Craftsman Supply, and Baby Tattoo Books; thanks to Russell for slinging drinks and tunes and letting us use the Windup Space; thanks to Jeff for working his camera magic; thanks to my beard for not harming any small children, and thanks of course to Alexis for MCing.

So, when’s the next Dr. Sketchy’s?

Oh, it’s tomorrow.  Monday, June 13th.

Anything special about it?  Not really, no big deal or nuthin’, it’s just


Marla “So Cute it Hurts” Meringue of Sticky Buns Burlesque will be modeling!  Boom!  [John Stewart fist-pump]  And what’s that new logo up there?  Flying Dog Brewery?  There’ll be Raging Bitch on tap, $4 for the first pint and $2 for every pint after that – which is like, INSANE, and not only that, they’ll be giving other stuff away too!  Atomic Books, who’s been with us almost the entire 3 years has a bunch of cool stuff, Artist & Craftsman Supply loaded us up with art supplies, and Baby Tattoo Books stuff too!  And the stage is getting a makeover!  Boom!

If you think you’re coming, for God’s sake confirm on the Facebook event – doors will open at 6 with the start at 7.  Don’t be late, this really, really is the big one.

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