Dr. Sketchy’s Baltimore tonight with Ivory Twinkler!

Photo by Cheryl Fair

I can’t tell you how long Alexis and I have been look forward to this session!  You’ve not had a chance to draw Ivory Twinkler yet, and hell, many of you may not have even seen her perform since she only joined Gilded Lily Burlesque in the last year – but this is going to be a treat.  Trust us.  She’s smart as hell, got serious music chops, and can pretty much out-geek anyone.  Oh, and she’s hot.

Honestly, we don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a crush on her.

It’s going to be pretty damn neat.

Doors at 6, start at 7, drink tickets for a $1 off if you get in the door before 7.  $8 dollar cover, yadda yadda, you know the drill.

I’m telling you folks, she’s going to be your new favorite.

Until next session anyway.

Seriously though, I’m not kidding.

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