Next Dr. Sketchy’s is Sept. 27 w/ Zna. Queene of LAZERBITCH! *UPDATED*

Next Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School Baltimore is Monday, September 27, 2010 with Zna. Queene of LAZERBITCH!  (Special thanks to J. M. Giordano for letting us use the photo above – btw, if you want to check out more of his work, check out his fashion column in the Urbanite.  If look carefully, you’ll see Alexis in there at the latest Gilded Lily Burlesque show being all, um, fashionable:)

If you’re not sure who Zna. Queene or LAZERBITCH is, 1) shame on you, and 2) check out the music video below.  The Windup Space guests stars at the end too, so keep an eye out for it.

We’ll have the blog post with Marla Meringue’s photos up in a few days.  Until then, keep in mind, doors will be at 6, start at 7!

2 Replies to “Next Dr. Sketchy’s is Sept. 27 w/ Zna. Queene of LAZERBITCH! *UPDATED*”

  1. That was absolutely awesome!! My first Dr. Sketchy event and we had an awesome model. I think LazerBitch is my new favorite band!!! I’ve also come to realize how rusty I am at figure drawing, I need to develop my style again.

    How do you get to model for a Dr.Sketchy event? Because I’m totally interested. ^_^ I have some awesome outfits/costumes I’d love to break out for this.

    1. There’s a link in the column on the right to a “Interested in Modeling?” page. It’s tiny, but it’s near the top. 🙂

      The Fall sessions are going to be pretty amazing – if I squealed and gave away the line up, I’d get murdered though.

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