Want a peek at what it’s like to model for Dr. Sketchy’s?

While we fiddle our thumbs away waiting for the next Dr. Sketchy’s in September with Marla Meringue, how would you like a peek at what it’s like to pose for Dr. Sketchy’s Baltimore?  Check out this blog post by Roma Mafia, who was our model on August 9th.  Don’t ever let anyone tell you modeling isn’t hard work— it’ll kick your ass a lot harder than that 45 minute work out you do once a month to rationalize 5 visits to Five Guys.

Go take a peek.  Anyways, we should have the blog post up for her session in about another week – if you’re holding onto some drawings from last session, for God’s sake scan and send them in.  Don’t make me start naming names, cause I will.

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