Photos from first session at the Windup Space with Lucille Lingerhans von Spankenstein


Our first session at the Windup Space was freaking fantastic, as was the ever-fabulous Lucille Lingerhans von Spankenstein of Gilded Lily. 🙂  The space was stunning, and though Dionysus was awesome, we definitely have a lot more room to stretch our legs—and a stage!

As always, special thanks to our wonderful sponsors who help make this possible:  Atomic Books on 3620 Falls Rd in Hampden, Artist & Craftsman Supply just a block away from Windup at 137 W. North Ave, Baby Tattoo Books, and of course Russell at the Windup Space, who saved our bacon when Dionysus changed owners.

Even more thanks go to the beautiful Lucille; otherwise all of this would be pointless and we’d have just spent the evening watching Russell make drinks—which, though entertaining, Lucille’s outfits are much more fun.  Thanks as always to Bill (who’s got some sketches up on his site) for helping shove tables around, keeping an eye on the door, and keeping out Crazy Pillow Lady (don’t ask), and Jeff for taking these photos . . .






As you can see, the turn out was pretty great—we’ll play with the seating set-up over the next few sessions to find the optimum layout, but it worked pretty well.  Even so, keep in mind, the earlier you show up, the better seat you’ll get.  (Doors are at 6.)



There were contests a-plenty, as usual—first, we invited our artists to take part in the customary opposite-hand drawing challenge. Then, in honor of the 40th anniversary of the moon landing, we had a “Lucille in Space” contest, in which nearly everyone participated.


The finalists, in a Dr. Sketchy’s Baltimore first, all came up to present their drawings:


If our memory serves us well (which it often does not), the lucky lady in the center won, and got to take home some pretty slick comic book pages from Atomic Books.

And here’s Brian Dugan’s winning entry for best incorporation of “Windup” in a sketch…

…which won him a copy of Ragnar’s Vernaculis from Baby Tattoo Books.

You can check out more of Brian’s work here.

Michael sent in this sketch too…


Back to the photos…







Our next session is Monday, August 17th with Frenzy Lohan of the Charm City Roller Girls—don’t be late! And remember, we’re now an 18-and-over event, but you’ll still need to be 21 or older to drink.


By the way, that amazing photo right there is by Defekto. You can see more of his work at

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  1. Oh, man, the space is great for Dr. Sketchy’s! And of course it looks like Lucille brought the awesome as usual! Can’t wait to come model for you guys again in the new home!

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