One lonely but lovely Lena sketch, plus Little Luna tonight!

So here’s the one sketch we received of Lena Grove from our March 23 session. A huge thanks to Gene Azzam for sharing:


These were from the two ten-minute poses–the contest again was to use the two poses to create a two-panel narrative, and the prizes again were wood panels from Artist & Craftsman Supply.

We also stumbled on Andrew Spangler’s blog, which has not one, but two awesome vector illustrations of Lena based on his sketches from the 3/23 session. Yeah, yeah, I sound like a sad little broken record every time I say this, but we love getting your sketches, so start sending them to us again.

The five-Monday month of March gave us a little break, but not only will we be back at Dionysus tonight for more drawing and debauchery, but Little Luna of Gilded Lily Burlesque will be back to inspire our talented audience. And we’ll be giving away more prizes from Artist & Craftsman Supply and Atomic Books, plus the first of three awesome books we’ve gotten from our newest sponsor, Baby Tattoo. See you tonight!


(Thanks again to JimmyC for the awesome photo of Little Luna!)

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