Recap of Lady Vile’s session on Feb 23rd.


Well, Monday seemed to well enough without Alexis to keep an eye on us.  Nothing caught fire — actually, that’s not true.  Apparently Dionysus’s roof nearly caught fire from a chimney fire next door before the session even started, but we didn’t have anything to do with that so we’re going to assume it doesn’t count.

Lady Vile was stunning, course you should be able to see that.  Special thanks to her, the crew at Dionysus, our sponsors Atomic Books and Artist & Craftsman Supply, and to Bill and Jeff for helping make up for Alexis’s absence (and again to Jeff, for these awesome photos).











I’m pretty sure the two drawings below were the winners of the “How Lady Vile got her name” contest.  (The prizes were sketchbooks from Artist & Craftsman.)




We’ve already got a bunch of sketches emailed to us (some of the best were from the last contest, “Incorporate a chimpanzee attack” 😉 )…we’ll give it a few days for more to come in and then put some up here.

‘Til then, mark your calendars, folks: our next session will be Monday, March 9, with Bambi Galore!

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