Photos from Monday’s session.

Monday night went great, what we remember of it. Nicolette went above and beyond with an absolutely stunning set of outfits and frighteningly difficult poses; Andrew and Lynn managed to juggle the power-outage-fried cash register system without a single drink getting slowed down, and Alexis and I managed to not fall down ONCE even though we were about eight sheets to the wind by the last set of poses.

Not only that, but I think just about everyone there participated in the contests this time around without a shrinking violet in the bunch. (We’ll put up some photos and drawings from all that next week.)

If you have a sketch from Monday and don’t mind us putting it up in a gallery here, please, please, please email it to us. The cave-girl drawings were some of the best we’ve seen yet.

As announced on Monday, starting in September we’ll start going twice a month, the second and last week of September to be specific. (The 8th and 22nd.)

Our email box is stuffed with inquiries from models, lots of artists, and spam; September should be pretty interesting.

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