Nicolette Le Faye and our Fourth Anniversary!

Nicolette Le Faye was one of our very first models, four years ago when we were young whipper snappers. We keep getting older and older, and grayer and grayer, and she still looks exactly the same (if you don’t believe us, scroll through the blog—I think she might be a witch, a la Stardust or some shit). Oh, for the days when we were wet behind the years, thought the world was our prawn, and we didn’t think twice before throwing a jar of pencils at a cop car.

Four years under the belt is some heady shit.
In any case, last session with the fabulous Nicolette Le Faye was our glorious Fourth Anniversary. If we ignore the sumabitch tow truck guy who dragged off our Zipcar truck an hour before the session, it was a glorious birthday. We gave away the first deluxe volume of Fables from Atomic Books for one contest and Sketch Theatre Volume 1 from Baby Tattoo Books for another, not to mention a lot of folks fell deep into their cups thanks to beer specials from Flying Dog Brewery.
Thanks to Christian Tribastone, John Schloman, Tim Kelly, Kat Parker, Katrina Schmidt, Kevin Yan, Stephanie Burgee , and Jeff Lance for sending in the sketches below.
A cornucopia of thanks to Nicolette Le Faye for helping us ring in our fifth year; thanks to our generous sponsors Atomic Books, Flying Dog Brewery, and Baby Tattoo Books; thanks to Russell for spinning drinks and serving tunes; thanks to Jeff for many of the crackling photos you see above; thanks to Styger for helping with the door, set up the stage, and shove the furniture around into whatever esoteric formation Russell thought was appropriate; thanks to everyone who scooted a chair around for us at the end; thanks to Alexis for speaking sweet, sweet words into the mic; FUCK YOU MR. TOW TRUCK DUDE; and thanks to everyone who showed up and twirled a pencil with us on our fourth birthday.
Next session is Monday, June 25th with the belly dancer extraordinaire Deviana Fox!
(Kickass photo of Deviana Fox by Stereo Vision.)
There will be scimitars.  She’s one of the best of the best, folks.  I don’t want to hear about it if you miss it.
Doors at 6, start at 7.  18+ to draw, 21+ to drink.  Pencils, charcoal, & watercolors are fine, don’t bring anything messier or Russell will go all Hulk smash.

Lauren Marleaux slams the door on 2010!

Oh, it’s been way, way, way too long since the last Dr. Sketchy’s Baltimore session.  I’m not sure if having the beautiful Lauren Marleaux of Gilded Lily Burlesque as our last model of the year has made the break any easier to bear, or if it just makes it worse, reminding us of the glories and wonders we once had before this abominable season of runny noses, obligatory office parties, and 3000 “Merry Christmas!” texts from people you never talk to.

Well, buck up, grab what’s left of the eggnog and we’re going to look at some purty pictures and tell tales of events long past.

Before we started the session, Alexis had a pop quiz on the identity of our last three models, with the winners each getting a copy of Bachelor Pad Magazine, which featured an absolutely gorgeous photo spread of Maria Bella, founder of Gilded Lily Burlesque.

For the one- and two-minute poses, Lauren went all steampunky on us, an aesthetic near and dear to my jager-soaked heart.

Caitlin Rose

Everyone took a break, got some whiskey or cocktail or whatever, snuck a smoke, and came back for the five-minute poses.  The first was the opposite hand contest, where if you’re right-handed you draw with your left, if you’re left-handed you draw with your right, and if you’re ambidextrous, you are meant for a life in the circus and shouldn’t waste time hanging with us.  The two winners received a mystery shot from Russell at the bar.  There ain’t much point in asking what’s in ’em; his memory has been failing for years and that sort of thing seeps right out a couple minutes after the glass hits the bar.  (On reflection, I seem to recall he said they were two Cookies For Santa, so do with that info what you will.)

As always, all contests are optional.

More five-minute poses . . .

Another quick break, and it was time for the ten-minute poses.

The second contest of the evening was the best incorporation of “What will Denise Whiting of Cafe Hon trademark next?” with one winner receiving an acrylic paint set and a second winner a watercolor paint set from our generous sponsor Artist & Craftsman Supply, just across the street on the corner of Howard and North Avenue.  They’re open till 8, so if you’re in a hurry to get to Sketchy’s and forget a pad, for God’s sake, get one from over there—they’re good folks.

Ben Karnovski

Caitlin Rose

Ben Karnovski

Next up was the first 20-minute pose with the contest being the best incorporation of the Twelve Days of Christmas, Baltimore-style—resulting in many a Natty Boh reference.  The prize was a $15 gift card from Atomic Books, our oldest sponsor (as in, they’ve been with us since the beginning, not, um, that they’re really old).  If you like Dr. Sketchy’s (or even if you don’t and you’re reading this for some weird reason, but you love indy comics & books), you’ll love them.

Ben Karnovski

Liz Beetem

A quick break and onto the next 20-minute pose and the random noun contest—somebody shouted out “Gandalf”—with the prize being the Chiodos Bros.’ Alien Xmas from Baby Tattoo Books.

Liz Beetem

At this point, things get a little hazy, honestly.  For some reason, Russell was making me and Bill do shots of whiskey with pickle-juice chasers while Alexis, Viola Van Wilde, and Dahlia Derriere ooohed and aaaahed over naughty pin-up magazines.  You’d think the guys would be all about that, but no, apparently we were drinking pickle juice for some reason.

Thanks to Lauren Marleaux of Gilded Lily Burlesque for braving the frigid weather to pose for our drawing pleasure. (BTW, a little piece of B’more Sketchy’s trivia: Lauren was not only our last model of 2010; she was our first model of the year, too. Take note, kids—it might come handy in another pop quiz later this year.) Thanks as well to Russell for slinging drink and song and letting us use his amazing space and to our generous sponsors Atomic Books, Artist & Craftsman Supply, and Baby Tattoo Books for providing us prizes to doll out—not to mention big ol’ thanks to Maria Bella for getting a hold of a couple copies of Bachelor Pad Magazine (and signing them!) for us to give out too!  Thanks to Bill for filming for our documentary and helping with cleanup, thanks too to my parents for getting me a bad-ass video camera for Christmas to help with that documentary. (Yeah, I just thanked my parents in a Dr. Sketchy’s recap, so what?  Are sure you don’t need to call yours and thank ’em for something?  Don’t get all high and mighty with me—you think I won’t come over there, but I will.)

…thanks to Jeff for the stunning pictures you see above, and to Alexis for MC’ing this big ol’ bobsled of crazy. And last, but definitely not least: thanks to everyone who modeled for us in 2010, and to everyone who attended our sessions in the past year.

Well, it’s almost time for the next Dr. Sketchy’s Baltimore, folks.  It’s been a long cold winter, but I can’t think of a better way to come back than Nicolette le Faye on Monday, January 24th, one week from now.

The multi-talented Nicolette—she’s an actress, trapeze artist, burlesque performer, dancer, musician, and costume designer—was a huge hit when she last modeled for us over a year ago, and you can see for yourself why by checking out the photos from that session.

And, if that’s not enough reason to get yourself to The Windup Space on the 24th, then you should know that we’ll be on yet another break until February 28, thanks to a certain Hallmark holiday falling on the second Monday of next month. Hey, don’t get mad at us—the calendar gods have not been on our side as of late, so take it up with them. Or, at least, be sure not to miss our January session.

Nicolette Le Faye, a few cocktails, and . . . err, Sheila Dixon.

Wow, I actually had trouble trying to decide which photo of Nicolette le Faye to choose as the lead here.

Usually which one to put up first is obvious the moment you see it, but easily a half-dozen could have worked.  When in doubt, the parasol always wins.

Apparently everyone knew Nicolette Le Faye was going to be knocking it out of the park as well cause Dec. 14th ended up being the busiest session we’ve ever had.  We thought it would be a little slow considering it was the end of the year, MICA was closing up, and most of Baltimore was on a bender of egg-nog fused holiday parties–well, we were wrong.

Our first contest of the evening was the opposite hand contest, where if you’re right-handed you draw with your left, if you’re left-handed you draw with your right, and if you’re ambidextrous, Bill would like to talk to you out back.  Holly, our lovely bartender for the evening (Russell was off somewhere doing something, supposedly “camping”), provided the winners with their compact, shot-sized prizes.

Here’s an opposite hand from Stewart White

A few more sketches from Stewart White . . .

Our second contest was “What do you think Russell is really doing right now?”   Yeah, no one was buying the camping bit.

Does this guy look like someone who’s eating trail mix out of a plastic baggie while burying his candy wrappers out of sight from marauding bears?

No, that does not.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get many drawings sent in of Russell’s possible shenanigans, though if you peer closely at the above you can make out a Russell in drag and a Russell, umm, playing chicken in a swimming pool with Nicolette?

Here’s Brian Dugan’s

The prize was one of the new Munnies by KidRobot being carried by Atomic Books in Hampden.  Specifically, we gave away the one called “Mini-Bub”, which is the one on the far right below.

If you don’t know what that means, it means Atomic Books’ annual Munny gallery show is on the horizon.  More on that in the next month as we get closer.

Rachel Boss…

Lois Borgenicht.

Ashleigh Haddad

Bryce Homick.

The third contest was the random noun contest where, basically, the audience yells out random nouns and whatever sounds interesting first, well, put that in your drawing.

We ALMOST went with “gift basket”.

And then some wise-ass yelled out “Sheila Dixon”.

Now, keep in mind this was back in early December before a billion Sheila Dixon jokes had made the rounds and the whole thing had been beaten into the ground by Twitter and every damn reporter in Baltimore.  (I mean honestly, do we really need 5000 tweets in one day on the Sheila Dixon trial….especially when there wasn’t even a verdict yet?  And yes, there were EXACTLY 5000.  I counted.)

There were some amazing drawings for this one, sadly, not all of which were sent in. (Yes, that is supposed to be a guilt-inducing statement).

Oh, and just so it’s on the record, none of this is our fault.

Mike Hasson.

Stewart White.

Brian Dugan.

Rachel Boss.

Lois Borgenicht.

Ashleigh Haddad.

Bryce Homick.

The two winners each got a mammoth stack of art supplies from Artist & Craftsman Supplies on the corner of North Ave and Howard St. beside Joe Squared.

The last contest of the evening was the gift basket idea from earlier that had gone unused earlier with the prize being Miss Mindy’s Sassy Paper Doll Bonanza from Baby Tattoo Books.  (I actually posted a bunch of sketches from this pose further up, cause I’m stupid, and since it will take 45 minutes to move all of them because of the way WordPress works, I’ll just post the picture again, the contest photo, and another one of the sketches.)

Brian Dugan.

Well, that’s all she wrote for 2009.  Oodles of thanks to Nicolette La Faye for doing a kickass job modeling in December! Not only that, but thank you to everyone that modeled for Dr. S in 2009.  Thanks as well to our sponsors, Atomic Books, Artist & Craftsman Supply, and Baby Tattoo Books who went above and beyond in donating cool stuff for our artists to win.  Last and not least, thanks to Holly for bartending, Russell for bartending and letting us use the absolutely amazing space that is Windup, Bill for filming the Dr. S Baltimore documentary and helping at the door, and Jeff for the stunning photos.

Our next Dr. Sketchy’s is Monday, January 25th at 7 pm, doors at 6, with Lauren Marleaux of Gilded Lily Burlesque.  Alexis is finishing up the flyer as I type, so we should have that tomorrow.