Oh yeah…

If you have any sketches you did at Dr. Sketchy’s that you want to send us, email ’em in and we’ll put them up on the site.  I saw some pretty damn good ones on Monday, so I know they’re out there….

Monday’s session went great!

Not only that, but the folks at Metromix did a wonderful write up on us with a frankly amazing set of photographs to go with it. (That’s one above…the photographer is Rob Perry.) Check them out….we’re even on their Baltimore front page, at least last I checked 30 seconds ago.

Not only that, but the model didn’t faint this time, no one got sick (that we know of), and if things keep going like this, it won’t be too long before we go twice a month. 🙂

Our next session will be on the second Monday of August…we’ll put up all the appropriate information in about a week or two.

Anyways, go check out the Metromix article.


First off, the next Dr. Sketchy’s Baltimore will be on July 14, Monday, 7 pm to 10 pm.  We think this time slot might work a little bit better than a Sunday afternoon after two days of hard drinking.

Second, I *think* I’ve updated all the info in the FAQ, sidebar (including broken links), and posts…….if you see something that doesn’t make sense, email us.  It’s amazing how many places you have to update times, dates, etc.