Next session Sept 8th…

That’s next Monday, folks! Come down to Dionysus for a beer and draw the lovely Little Luna of the Gilded Lily Burlesque. You might win a snazzy prize. . .

. . . just like Meredith–the talented illustrator and designer of our current flyer–did last session.  She won a shiny new Moleskine sketchbook for her awesome depiction of Nicolette le Faye (times two!) fending off a caveman.  You, too, can walk away next Monday night with a cool prize–or at least an awesome, wine-induced buzz and a bunch of fun sketches.

In case you haven’t heard, Dr. Sketchy’s Baltimore will now have sessions every 2nd and 4th Monday of each month–so now you can get your cure for a nasty case of the Mondays twice a month!

And yes, the cover charge is now $7.  But, if you send us a sketch from any of our past three sessions to be included in our online gallery, you can still get in for just $5 on the 8th.  Please include your name as you’d like to have it appear in the gallery, and so that we know who doesn’t have to give us the two extra bucks.  So don’t be shy–send us your sketches! (And lots of thanks to the two artists who already sent us their work.)

Photos from Monday’s session.

Monday night went great, what we remember of it. Nicolette went above and beyond with an absolutely stunning set of outfits and frighteningly difficult poses; Andrew and Lynn managed to juggle the power-outage-fried cash register system without a single drink getting slowed down, and Alexis and I managed to not fall down ONCE even though we were about eight sheets to the wind by the last set of poses.

Not only that, but I think just about everyone there participated in the contests this time around without a shrinking violet in the bunch. (We’ll put up some photos and drawings from all that next week.)

If you have a sketch from Monday and don’t mind us putting it up in a gallery here, please, please, please email it to us. The cave-girl drawings were some of the best we’ve seen yet.

As announced on Monday, starting in September we’ll start going twice a month, the second and last week of September to be specific. (The 8th and 22nd.)

Our email box is stuffed with inquiries from models, lots of artists, and spam; September should be pretty interesting.

New flyer! Next session, Aug 11, Monday 7 -10

Check out the new flyer…special thanks to craftmat for the design, Karl Ekdahl for the photography, and Nicolette for letting us use the image.

The next session is Aug. 11, Monday, 7 pm – 10 pm.  Things seem to be growing pretty fast . . . you might want to think about showing up a little early for a good seat.  🙂