First off, the next Dr. Sketchy’s Baltimore will be on July 14, Monday, 7 pm to 10 pm.  We think this time slot might work a little bit better than a Sunday afternoon after two days of hard drinking.

Second, I *think* I’ve updated all the info in the FAQ, sidebar (including broken links), and posts…….if you see something that doesn’t make sense, email us.  It’s amazing how many places you have to update times, dates, etc.


2 Replies to “Updates.”

  1. oh no!
    i hope it gets moved back to sundays some times…
    i play roller derby, and we have practice every monday 7-10.

    i’ve been wanting to come sketch!
    -pixie rocket

  2. 😦 At the moment, it won’t change back until the fall (if it does at all). Dionysus is cancelling their Sunday brunches until at least then…..

    Any chance the roller derby cancels practices every now and then? 🙂

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