She’s a maneater.

Photo by Alexis de la Rosa
Photo by Alexis de la Rosa

Don’t know if you know this, but Reverend Valentine is now the showrunner of the brand new Dr. Sketchy’s DC branch.  If I remember correctly, their very first was just two days before this very session.  That’s right, she hosted a Dr. Sketchy’s, then two days later, posed for one.  Not only that, but I’m pretty sure she performed in, like, 15 burlesque shows that week, ran for a public office, painted a house, burned down a soup kitchen, and exposed a counterfeit Fruit-of-the-Loom ring on the West Coast.

She does more in one week than I do in a . . . in a . . . well, that I’ve just done, period.

Do you put a period after you type the word “period”?  I don’t know.

Dr. Sketchy’s DC’s first couple of sessions were at the Red Palace, but since the place is folding in that way that all places worth a damn fold (Yaaay!  The Windup is going to last forever!)

I’m just joking, Russell.


Anyway, they’ll have a new joint to hold their shindigs shortly, so I suggest you check them out—probably soon, it’s only a matter of time before we decide to go all Duncan MacLeod on their asses.

Let’s watch her get eaten by a bunch of birds.

Our sponsor this time around was Atomic Books who donated some gnarly prizes to give away during our weird, schizophrenic contests.  If you haven’t been to Atomic Books, check them out—they’re on Falls Road just off the Avenue.  They’re pretty much the best independent bookstore you’ll find.

Thanks to all the folks who sent in their drawings: Christian Tribastone, Dylan Andrex, John Schloman, Sarah Magida, and Tim Kelly.

Incredible thanks to Reverend Valentine for a stupendous performance and giving all our pencils and brushes something to do; thank you as well to our generous sponsor for this session, Atomic Books; thanks to Holly and the Windup Space for pouring drinks and being awesome; thanks to Maeve for running the door and helping me set up and break down all the “stuff”; thanks to Alexis for not only hosting the shindig but taking photos as well; and thanks as well to all you folks who came out to draw the lovely Reverend Valentine.

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