Next Monday, Day of the Dead with Nona Narcisse!

Photo of Nona Narcisse ©2010 by Joseph Crachiola –

Hide your children and lock your windows, folks, it’s the “Day of the Dead” themed session of Dr. Sketchy’s Baltimore with New Orleans native Nona Narcisse!

Is it even possible to top last year’s Halloween session? You bet your ass it is. I will bet the life of Jeff’s first born that you have NEVER gotten the opportunity to draw anything like this. Ever. And if you lie and say you have, I swear to God Alexis will smack the sass right out of you. RIGHT. OUT. You’ll have to catch the Circulator to Mt. Vernon to find it.

Alexis and I have traveled all over the country, and sometimes out of it, over the last three years catching every burlesque performance we could. I say this without the slightest bit of exaggeration or hyperbole – Nona Narcisse is one of the best performers we’ve ever seen. She very well may have my favorite routine of all time too, period. When you see her Day of the Dead routine & costume, you are going to collectively lose your beautiful, artistic minds. To be honest, I’m kind of scared. You may not be able handle this much sexy, this much gorgeousness, this much bone-chilling terror.

The next day you’ll be telling your half-cousin in Boise, “Yeah, it was the best Dr. Sketchy’s ever! Nona was the best model I’ve ever drawn! It was amazing! Well – right until those idiot Dr. Sketchy folks meddled with forces they didn’t understand and accidentally summoned the Aztec goddess Mictecacihuatl, the Lady of the Dead, onto the stage and she bit off Russell’s head! Dude, it was awesome! Shame about the Windup Space going out like that though.”

If you ever pay attention to anything I ever write, heed this: 1) bring your “A” game, Nona is one of a kind, 2) if you’re on heart medication, for God’s sake take it beforehand, 3) don’t tell your loved ones where you’re going. If we accidentally open a gate to Hell in Russell’s bar, it’s better for them to think you were the victim of some random serial killer instead of being devoured alive by some Aztec god.

There will be delicious Flying Dog beer, delicious Flying Dog beer prizes(!), a pretty rocking prize you can win from Atomic Books, and a book from Baby Tattoo too!

Doors will be at 6, goddamn awesome drawing at 7! This very well might be the best session we ever do – don’t be late! Show up early and stake a claim on your seat.

Obligatory Disclaimers : Neither Dr. Sketchy’s nor its affiliates are any shape or form responsible if your drawings come alive at some later date and eat your children.

$8 at the door, and you must be 18+ to attend, and 21+ to drink. No photography or messy paints (watercolors are fine).

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