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As I write this, we sit in the midst of the great Dr. Sketchy’s drought of 2011.  Our last session, which seems a lifetime ago on July 25th, with Femme 6, was our last hurrah before we entered these dark times, and unfortunately it’s still over a week before Dahlia Derriere brings back the rain on September 12th.  I don’t know what you’re doing to pass the time—keying paddle boats in the Inner Harbor?  Attacking vicars with long-tailed cats?  Watching Weeds on Netflix?

I don’t know.  (I’m hoping it’s better than what we’re up to—we’re somewhere off the coast of Newfoundland, the wireless is spotty at best, and Alexis just killed a narwhal with a 12-gauge and it’s a MESS.)

Whatever nightmare is going on with you, block it out, pop a Quaalude, stick a chair under the door handle and let’s reminisce on that last day before screeching cats and before Alexis went all fucking Ahab.

Oh Femme 6, we miss you.

Shawn Adomanis

Shawn Adomanis

Now, if you were in Baltimore and had a lick of sense, you attended Femme 6’s Poetry and Pasties at Mobtown Theater on August 14th.  Apparently the thirsty horde who showed up drank ’em out of beer before the intermission started, forcing a late-Sunday-night beer run—which to me sounds like the definition of a rousing success if there ever was one.

If you want to know a little bit more about the multi-talented Femme 6, especially why she’s called that, check out her art manifesto here.

Anyway, after a quick break that night we rolled into the 5-minute poses, the first of which was the illustrious opposite-hand contest, where if you’re right-handed you draw with your left, if you’re left-handed you draw with your right, and if you’re ambidextrous you . . . uh . . . ummm . . . damnit.

The two winners received a mystery shot from Russell at the bar—FYI, he no longer empties the beer mats into them.  We put our foot down.  Don’t worry, we got your back.


Fred Zeleny

Jason Haza

Shawn Adomanis


We took a quick break, and hot diggity damn, it was time for Femme 6’s performance, which you can see an itty-bitty bit of here.  If you want to see more, you’ll have to go to one of her shows.

Here’re a few stills . . .

Ten-minute pose time, the first of which was a “best incorporation of an ’80’s cartoon.” The winner’s reward for remembering obscure kids’ shows from twenty years ago? A copy of Mark Schultz: Various Drawings Vol. 5 from Atomic Books in Hampden. BTW, seriously, click the link and check out this book; it’s full of some really fantastic pulp-style sketches. It hurt so bad to give that book away, we ended up going back to Atomic and picking up a copy for ourselves.

Shawn Adomanis

Fred Zeleny


Seeks Corey

Another break for folks to fill up on Flying Dog beer specials, smoke, call someone on the phone and argue—whatever it is they needed to do—and then it was time for the 20-minute poses.

For this pose, we asked the crowd to incorporate a Stanley Kubrick film into their drawings, since the next day would have been the director’s birthday.

Shawn Adomanis

Fred Zeleny

Craig Hankin

Seeks Corey

The winner took home a copy of Miss Mindy’s Sassy Paper Doll Bonanza, courtesy of Baby Tattoo Books, who also runs the L.A. Dr. Sketchy’s, so if there’s a trip out there in your future, definitely check them out. The second 20-minute pose was simply stunning, and simply a contest-free pose.

Fred Zeleny

Craig Hankin

Charlotte Bunting Floyd

And that was a wrap, and unfortunately the start of the horrible dark period we are in now.

Thanks to Femme 6 for a jaw-dropping session and performance; thanks to our generous sponsors Atomic Books, Flying Dog Brewery, and Baby Tattoo Books; thanks to Russell for slinging drinks and songs; thanks to Jeff for the eye-popping photos above; thanks to Stiger for helping set up and man the door so I don’t go whole-hog crazy; and thanks to Alexis for hosting the whole shebang.

We’ll be back on September 12th, when lovely pin-up model/belly dancer Dahlia Derriere returns to Dr. Sketchy’s to pose for your drawing pleasure in a desert-themed evening. Doors open at 6, and drawing starts at 7, but really, show up early for a good seat. A drink or three before we get started will make those first post-break drawings not look too bad, too.

“Oh, Aaron, I don’t know how I’ll survive until the next Dr. Sketchy’s!  What do I do now??”

I’m glad you asked, for there are a few oases before Dahlia Derriere rescues us.  First off, there’s the Gilded Lily School of Burlesque Showcase at The Windup Space this Saturday (which, sppppptttt, we’ll be celebrating Alexis’s birthday at as well). Then, on Friday the 9th, Sticky Buns Burlesque presents an Evening of Variety at Illusions, a gorgeous magic bar that is itself well worth a trip to [gasp] Federal Hill.

That should help ya.  What else?  Well, somewhere in there, there’s, umm, some sort of race car thing, and then, uh…

Oh, you’re screwed, you’re never going to make it to the 12th.

(Photo of Dahlia Derriere courtesy of Viva Van Story)


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