The Calendar’O’Fun has been updated!

Oh, the Dr. Sketchy’s machine is rolling now.  The calendar for 2010 has been updated, so if you’re looking for fun things to do over the next few weeks, check it out.  There’s a Palace of Wonders show Friday, another one Saturday, a Baltimore Pole Dance Troupe show at the Ottobar on Sunday, Gilded Lily’s Valentine’s Day Tassels and Champagne show, and all sorts of good stuff coming up.

If you can’t find things to do almost every day for the next month, you’re a little dense.

It’s okay though, we’ll still love you.

BTW, Jason Webley plays at Cyclops Bookstore along with Paco Fish and Bowlegged Gorilla tonight at 8 o’clock, all ages, $10.  Cyclops is right there on the same block as the Windup Space.  Here’s his site if you want to know some more info about him.

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