Panoramic photos!

I just realized that even though we sent an email out to the list, I totally forgot to do a blog post about the panoramic photos taken at the Lady Vile session.  (*UPDATE* – Oops, apparently Alexis mentioned them in the last blog post – oh well, they’re worth a second look. 🙂

I’m having trouble imbedding them here, but go to Andras Frenyo’s site and take a look (there’s even one of the downstairs bar at Dionysus)!  Andras did an absolutely amazing job . . . if you don’t off-hand know what a panoramic photo is, it’s a “long” photo that allows you to scroll the photo a full 360 degrees, giving the 3-D impression that you’re standing in the center of the room.

Pretty damn cool.  Check it out. 🙂

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