Some sketches from 1/26.


This isn’t the recap post, we’ll do that when we get all the photos in for this last session, but here’s a few quick sketches folks sent in to us.  The robot ones are from the “incorporate a robot” contest for a prize from Atomic Books, and the “opposite hand” contest drawings were competing for sketchbooks from Artist & Craftsman Supply.

Lucille Lingerhans von Spankenstein was amazing.  If you weren’t there, I feel really bad for you….but you can look at the sketches and figure that out.

We’ll have a gallery page up soon folks!



The above two were handed to us at the session….as soon as Alexis lets me know who they came from (I think I was shoving around furniture or drunk at that point), I’ll put the name in here.  (His name was Pierre.)

The next couple came from Kurt Aspland





The next couple are from Brian Dugan….you can see more here.

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