Last session of 2008, this Monday, Dec 8!


Don’t cry, but this is the last Dr. Sketchy’s-Baltimore of 2008…we’ll be restarting in January after everyone’s had their fill of eggnog and family arguments.  To hold you off till then, we’re actually going to have TWO models, count that, TWO models on Monday, the stunning La Malicia Pajarita and Paco Fish.   (The photos above are by Stereo Vision Photography btw, with La Malicia’s by Carlo Pizarro and Paco Fish’s by Elise Dawson.   The flyer is by Alexis.)

Not only that, but Atomic Books has provided us with some gift cards and art books to help spread the holiday cheer, not to mention the Dionysus crew will have an empty glass ready for your personal choice of poison.

Oh, and if you left a ziplock bag of pencils and whatnot at the last session, we’ve got that too. 🙂

We’ll have a recap post from last session up sometime this weekend….met the photographer (Jeff) out for drinks and, well, due to that whole ‘drinks’ part the disc got left behind the bar. 🙂  As soon as I meet up with Bill, we’ll have something posted pretty quick.

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