A quick note about upcoming dates.

If you take a note of the sidebar on the right, we’ll be taking a break for the holidays…..MICA will be out of town, WE’LL be out of town, and everyone who isn’t out of town will probably have their schedule packed for the holidays. 

That would basically leave poor Bill hosting, posing, and drawing all at once, which, though Bill is great at multi-tasking, the image of him sitting by himself in front of a mirror, crying, trying to draw himself while simultaneously trying to collect a cover from himself is just too sad to contemplate.

So, our last date of 2008 will be Dec 8, and our first date of 2009 will be January 26.

3 Replies to “A quick note about upcoming dates.”

  1. …If that could be technically considered a Dr Sketchys session, then I’ve been having those for the last several years every night when I get off work…

    I think I’ve said too much…

    …I’ll be holding “those” sessions 4am every thurdsay and sunday morning…

  2. I do modeling….have modeled at Maryland Hall, Art institute of Arlington, Washington Art Institue, Anne Arundel Community College, Montgomery College, et al… and privately……I am unfamiliar with your Group……do you ever use male models?? Best regards Ken

  3. Yep, in fact we’re having a male model on Monday. Check out the modeling info page (there’s a link on the right) and that should have all the info you’re interested in. 🙂

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