Atomic Books, Maria Bella, and the new flyer.

Monday, Sept 22, from 7 to 10 is the next Dr. Sketchy’s…Maria Bella of Gilded Lily Burlesque is going to be our fabulous model, so make sure to remember your contacts.  Jay Calvert took the photo above btw, and Alexis did the flyer design.

Not only that, NOT ONLY THAT, but Atomic Books is our first official sponsor and are helping us out with the prizes this time around, so, if I was you, I’d start putting some thought right now into how I was going to cheat and this time around.

No, Bill, you’re not eligible.

(If you didn’t know, Atomic Books actually hosted the national Dr. Sketchy’s tour when it came through Baltimore last year.)

Atomic Books is having their 16th Anniversary party at the store on Oct 3rd…there’s going to be a ton of comics people and bands.  Check it out.

Umm….what else….oh, we’ll have photos from the last session up in a few days (our photographer has been on a bender or something and isn’t returning phone calls because he thinks we’re the bar).

Oh, and I’m watching the news while I type this… know those new trash cans all over Baltimore?  Apparently they cost $600 a pop.  See, not only does Dr. Sketchy’s keep your drawing skills honed to a razor’s edge and molest your liver twice a month, we keep you IN THE KNOW.

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