09/22/2008 photos, Maria Bella, and random stuff.

September’s session was our biggest one yet. Maria Bella from Gilded Lily was amazing . . . as is apparently everyone at Gilded Lily, so we’re not really surprised any more. If you notice, we switched the layout of the room this time to a Looking-Glass version ( or Mirror-Universe version if you want to be a geek about it ) of our old layout. Whether we’re the “good” Dr. Sketchy’s or the “evil mirror goatee” Dr. Sketchy’s from this point forward I’ll leave up to you.

Yes, I just went there.

Here’s some Maria photos, pop an aspirin if you have a heart condition.

Not only that, this was our first official session founded by Atomic Books in Hampden, who provided a gift card to one of our contest winners. The art was even more amazing this time around….in a few days we’ll put some up in a post. 🙂

As usual special thanks to Maria Bella for a knockout posing job and costume selection, thanks to Dionysus and Lynn for providing a great venue and for helping us talk to the police, a new Dr. Sketchy’s attendee (whose name I can’t remember) for helping us make change when we ran short on ones, Alexis for helping me host even though she was sick, and Jeff for not only taking the photos in this post but also helping shove tables and chairs around for an hour or so beforehand.

If I’ve forgotten someone, it’s because you were so special, I couldn’t even, err, think of the words. (I know I’m forgetting someone too.)

Anyways, if you happened to stay for a beer afterward, you even got a SECOND show, when my dumb ass attempted to tackle some twelve-year-old kid who was stealing the back tire of a bicycle belonging to a Dionysus patron. As an aside, neither the national Dr. Sketchy’s nor Dr. Sketchy’s-Baltimore endorses the tackling of twelve-year-olds, no matter what they’re doing, but what you do on your own time after two or three celebratory shots and moving a bunch of tables back in place, well, that’s up to you. Keep in mind though, that after those two or three shots, all that’s likely to happen is your dumb ass power-sliding across four or five feet of asphalt to the tune of ripped up jeans and a bunch of blood. Go Team Sketchy.

When the police showed up, things got even stranger as one drunk patron, having no idea what was going on, then attempted to convince the friendly officers to cuff and arrest her because she had been “very, very bad.” Luckily, Lynn intervened ( no matter how fun handcuffs sound at 11 pm, they aren’t nearly as fun when no one is paying attention to your safe word ), and the officers were able pursue our hardened gang of bike thieves.

Now tell me this isn’t cool……though the police were unable to catch the rear-tire-absconder, they were able to produce several back tires to replace the one that had been stolen. Coolest cops ever. I don’t know their names, but if they’re feeling the urge to do some drawing some time, they’re more than welcome.

Did you read this far? I wouldn’t have. Here’s one last photo for your trouble though…..Maria Bella in a Medusa costume giving the artists a rocky stare. See you on Monday.

Photos from 9/8/08, Luna’s session

Yeah, yeah, I’m running a little late.  This whole twice a month thing can get a little hectic. 🙂  In any case, October’s sessions are coming up, so here’s a peek at September’s sessions.  (We’ll post the photos from the second session on Sunday, once the hangovers have cleared.)

Just in case you’re blind and having this post read to you by a text reader, Luna from Gilded Lily was absolutely amazing.  For this particular pose, she started off dressed as a robed old woman with a cane…..each pose change leading to the loss of another element of the costume.  Pretty damn neat.

The costumes kept coming too. 🙂

If you can’t tell, attendance is going up and up….if you want a good seat (and the ability to pick it), you might want to show up a little early.  The next session we “flipped” the room, putting the crowd on the opposite side, and that helped, but if things continue, in a session or two we may have to start turning folks away at the door.

Our contest winners, drinking their celebratory Washington apple shots.  I *think* the contest was “best drawing with your off-hand”, but, I was drinking by then so it’s a little blurry.

In any case, as usual, lots of thanks to Lynn who owns Dionysus for helping us do this, Bill for helping us at the door and not making me do shots by myself, Jeff for photos, and to Luna, without whom we’d all be drawing, well, the wall.  The next two sessions are October 13 and 27, Monday, from 7 to 10, at Dionysus.

We’ll post the recap from the 22nd with the lovely Maria Bella, which involves some drama including a foot chase and the police (no joke), some amazing artwork,  drinking, and our first ever Atomic Books sponsored session.

Speaking of artwork, we’ve been getting a lot of amazing stuff…we’ll see if we can put together a post with all that as well. 🙂

Atomic Books, Maria Bella, and the new flyer.

Monday, Sept 22, from 7 to 10 is the next Dr. Sketchy’s…Maria Bella of Gilded Lily Burlesque is going to be our fabulous model, so make sure to remember your contacts.  Jay Calvert took the photo above btw, and Alexis did the flyer design.

Not only that, NOT ONLY THAT, but Atomic Books is our first official sponsor and are helping us out with the prizes this time around, so, if I was you, I’d start putting some thought right now into how I was going to cheat and this time around.

No, Bill, you’re not eligible.

(If you didn’t know, Atomic Books actually hosted the national Dr. Sketchy’s tour when it came through Baltimore last year.)

Atomic Books is having their 16th Anniversary party at the store on Oct 3rd…there’s going to be a ton of comics people and bands.  Check it out.

Umm….what else….oh, we’ll have photos from the last session up in a few days (our photographer has been on a bender or something and isn’t returning phone calls because he thinks we’re the bar).

Oh, and I’m watching the news while I type this…..you know those new trash cans all over Baltimore?  Apparently they cost $600 a pop.  See, not only does Dr. Sketchy’s keep your drawing skills honed to a razor’s edge and molest your liver twice a month, we keep you IN THE KNOW.