Your sketches!

Without further ado, here are the first sketches our talented art monkeys have submitted . . .

by Mary T., of Nicolette le Faye (8/11/08)
by Elly Z., of Nicolette (8/11/08)
Elly Z.'s sketch of Nicolette (8/11/08) gets that old-school place of honor on the fridge!
by Flissy S., of Katia B. (7/14/08)
by Flissy S., of Katia B. (7/14/08)
also by Flissy, of Nicolette (8/11/08)
also by Flissy, of Nicolette (8/11/08)
more Nicolette by Flissy (8/11/08)
more Nicolette by Flissy (8/11/08)

See more of Flissy’s sketches here.

Thanks to Mary, Elly, and Flissy for sharing–they’ll get $2 off the cover charge at this Monday’s session!

Again, if you have sketches from our previous three sessions: please, please, please send them in! Just email them to us by noon on Monday to get in on the 8th for the old cover charge of $5.

See you Monday! (Or maybe at Friday night’s gallery opening?)

Monday’s session went great!

Not only that, but the folks at Metromix did a wonderful write up on us with a frankly amazing set of photographs to go with it. (That’s one above…the photographer is Rob Perry.) Check them out….we’re even on their Baltimore front page, at least last I checked 30 seconds ago.

Not only that, but the model didn’t faint this time, no one got sick (that we know of), and if things keep going like this, it won’t be too long before we go twice a month. 🙂

Our next session will be on the second Monday of August…we’ll put up all the appropriate information in about a week or two.

Anyways, go check out the Metromix article.

Baltimore gets its own Dr. Sketchy’s!

Alright, well, things are finally under way. We’ve crossed out t’s, dotted our i’s, and Baltimore is about to have its very own Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School Cabaret life drawing session! And, it’s less than a month away, either on June 1 or June 8, and we’ll know which in about twenty four hours.

Not only that, but we’ve got about the best damn bar in Baltimore for it, Dionysus in Mt. Vernon. So we’ve got a couple models already inquiring, a fully stocked bar for a little hair of the dog, a brunch menu if you’re hungry, and a bunch of other stuff we can’t even tell you about yet. 🙂

Are you excited?

If you aren’t excited about some near naked women in burlesque for your drawing pleasure, some alcohol, and some general lasciviousness, there’s something wrong with you.

No, seriously, there’s something wrong with you.