Rycin Von Schierling!

Photo by Alexis de la Rosa
Photo by Alexis de la Rosa
Just putting together the photo gallery below made my muscles ache.  Rycin Von Schierling opened 2013 with a bang.  Watch the video–it’s one ambitious pose after another.  She’d hold some obviously painful pose for five or ten minutes and you’d think, “Okay, now she’s going to do an easy one now.  That had to hurt”, and BAM [<— Emeril “bam”] she’d go right into another one.
We didn’t tell her to do that.  Hell, we wouldn’t ever tell anyone to try some of those poses for those lengths of time.  Often, when we have someone new to modeling, they’ll try something ambitious, like, I dunno, holding a cinder block over their head for ten minutes, and as the minutes tick by, you can see that cold realization of what they’ve done start to creep across their features, followed by a lone tear and a mumbled prayer to whatever god looks out for life drawing models.
And then they never do anything like that pose again.
Rycin kept going though.  It wasn’t just inspiring, but it might be one of the most ambitious pose sessions we’ve ever seen.  I’m telling you, if you run into Rycin on the street, throw flowers in her path or something.  Buy her a beer.  Buy her some Icy Hot.  Watch.

By the way, I hope you didn’t watch that at work.  If you did, you’re hosed.
Thank you to Cody Wright, Craig Hankin, John Schloman, and Tim Kelly for sending in their drawings, which you can see below in the gallery and in the video above.
Thank you to Rycin Von Schierling for a walloping good modeling session; thanks to Jeff & Alexis for the photos you see below; thank you to Russell for spinning booze and serving music; thank you to Maeve for holding down the door and helping set up and take down; thank you to all the folks who came out to help us wash alway those dreary holiday doldrums; and thank you of course to Alexis for emceeing.

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