Next Dr. Sketchy’s Baltimore is Monday, June 25th, with Deviana Fox!

Swords.  Let’s just put that up front, right now.  There will be swords.  Scimitars, even.

Next session of Dr. Sketchy’s Baltimore is Monday, June 25th with belly dancer Deviana Fox!

I’m pretty sure most of you haven’t drawn Deviana before, but she posed for us once before right after we moved to the Windup Space.  Want to see?

Folks flipped out.  People talked about that session for at least a year.  If you don’t get some good drawing done, I’ll give you one of my slightly battered, right kidney.  Did you go look at that link above?  You should.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but there are very, very, very few things sexier than a woman dual-wielding scimitars.  At least for me.  Maybe you like morning stars.  I dunno.

Think about it for a second.  If a bar-clearing brawl breaks out, someone could get slice IN TWAIN.  Granted, bar brawls are rare at life drawing sessions, but it could happen.  By their very nature, they’re unexpected.  It’d be all, “Hey, did you hear there was a bar brawl at the Windup Space last week?  Someone lopped off Russell’s head!”

“I *know*!  I got this badass drawing of Deviana Fox right before she did it.”  [holds up sketch]

“Dude, that’s wicked!”

“Look, she even signed it for me right before she sliced that SWAT team van in two, jumped up to the roof, and swung away like Spider-Man!”

“Spider-Man doesn’t dual-wield scimitars, asshole.”

“But wouldn’t it be cool if he DID?”


Everything is cooler with scimitars.  She doesn’t even need them.  The lady knows how to pose.  I still tell stories to this day of one of the poses she held the last time she modeled.  It usually gets trotted out late at night when Alexis and I are drinking with various performers who’ve posed for us and, like ghost stories around a campfire, folks start whispering about the most painful poses they’ve ever held.  You try pointing a ten pound scimitar at a room full of artists for ten minutes.  I’m a wussy, I can’t even think about it without getting sympathy cramps.

Oh, I should point out, we now sell advance tickets online.  If you buy your ticket more than 24 hours in advance, it’s still 8 bucks (no refunds if you don’t show though).  If purchase at the door, it’s 10 bucks.   Buy your tickets online here :

Doors at 6, start at seven.  Get there early if you want to sit close enough to the stage get a nick on the nose.  18+ to draw, 21+ to drink. There’ll be great prizes from Atomic Books and Baby Tattoo Books!

No photography or messy paints, please (watercolors are fine).

Like our page for the latest updates:

Photo of Deviana Fox by Stereo Vision Photography,

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