ELEGANCE…on The Block

Okay folks, we’ve been posting haphazardly about various burlesque shows or other similar things going on in Baltimore, especially if one of our models were involved, but we’re going to start being more thorough. Baltimore’s scene is really taking off, and well, if you like Dr. Sketchy’s, you’ll love the various other burlesque things going on around Baltimore as well.

And no, no one’s paying us for any of this stuff. We’re usually just at all of them and we need more folks to get drunk with. Tomorrow I’ll see if I can put up a permanent calendar of upcoming stuff, but for now, here’s a pretty big one coming up on Friday.

I’m probably just ignorant, but this is the first time I’ve heard of the Hustler club doing anything Burlesque oriented…in any case, Trixie Little and Evil Hate Monkey are amazing, as are Twig & Berries, Miss Astrid, and Paco, who modeled for us in December. We’ve not seen the other performers, I THINK, but if they’re sharing a billing with those six, well, that pretty much says all you need to know right there.

Here’s a link to Trixie and Monkey’s calendar.

Here’s some of the ad copy as well (though not all of it)…

Miss D’Lish is a two-time Miss Exotic World and MAJOR influence on the entire neo-burlesque movement…she is flying in from California WITH her champagne glass to make something “elegant” happen in Baltimore!

TRIXIE & MONKEY will make sexy fun and fun sexy.
MISS ASTRID will use her one good eye to see your soul.
CATHERINE D’LISH will make you seriously thirsty.
DR. LUCKY will make you earn it.
PEEKABOO POINTE will purr and pounce.
ALBERT CABABRA will read your dirty mind.
TWIG & BERRIES will defy gravity and logic.
DJ MOMO TARO will make you shake it until it all falls off.
GAL FRIDAY will dance until your satisfied.
PACO will make everything stick together…or at least make it sticky.

For everyone: $20 General Admission Tickets Available at Door Only
(First come first serve. The club is HUGE. Most seating on the first floor will be reserved for tables, but there is a sexy second floor with tables and a balcony that looks down over the main stage)

After that, there’s a bunch more copy about how you can spend a bazillion trillion dollars on going gangster and getting bottle service, rail seatings, etc….check the link if you got that much cash.

Alexis and I will definitely be there in any case, and maybe Bill, Jeff, and others, so if your Friday is looking weak, check it out.

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