Some people suck.

Portland of all places?  Really?

Here’s an email Molly Crabapple forwarded to us today….not having health insurance sucks.

Hi Molly,

We’ve had a pretty upsetting event happen this past weekend here in Portland–my September model was attacked. Two men approached him around midnight on Friday, and started saying homophobic slurs to him, and then proceeded to beat him enough to concuss him and cause bleeding of the brain. You can read more about it here:

This is, of course, very scary and outrageous. Already, local Portland queers and artists alike have rallied around what happened, and are doing their best to organize and educate, and the police are searching for the attackers.

A close friend of our model has created a website — * — to let people know about our model’s status, donate money (since he has no healthcare), and leave well-wishing messages. I was wondering if it would be possible to send this out to the Sketchy’s list, so we could, at minimum, let our art community know what has happened.


(*broken link now fixed–sorry ’bout that)