First Dr. Sketchy’s of the year, Monday, January 26th! With Lucille Lingerhans von Spankenstein!


Your holidays sucked, didn’t they? No scantily-clad pretty folk lounging about for you to draw? No one gave you a shot for drawing with your left hand? Did it seem irresponsible to spill a pint of beer on your drawing and pretend it was an accident so you could give it that Dr. Sketchy’s touch?

Well, you’re in luck. Dr. Sketchy’s-Baltimore is through with our travelling, we’ve paid bail for everyone arrested in the eggnog/polar bear incident, and our hangovers from visiting the Dr. Sketchy’s in NYC have receeded far enough for us to start whole new ones.

And look at that flyer…..Lucille Lingerhans von Spankenstein of Gilded Lily Burlesque is who you were waiting for over that long, dark, gloomy holiday break. Trust us, she’s a LOT more fun to sketch than your grandmother’s cat.

Not only that, but Artist & Craftsman Supply, on 137 West North Ave in Station North, along with Atomic Books on 1100 W 36th St. in Hampden, will be providing all sorts of prizes for you to compete for while you attempt to capture Ms. Spankenstein’s glory on paper.

As always, we’re at Dionysus (who’s been very nice not to call the police on anyone yet), from 7 to 10 pm. So gear up, dust off your pencils, sharpen your liver, and tell anyone who gets nosy that you’re heading to the library.

Missing your sketch pad?

Someone left their sketch pad at Dr. Sketchy’s last night….fire us an email when you read this and we’ll find a way to get back to you.

If you don’t, I’m going to scan all the drawings, post them here, and tell everyone I did them.  Oh yes, I’m that guy.

There’ll be an official update when we get the photos, but goodness, a ton of people showed up last night, so much that we started having to turn people away.  Boy, we hit that point a lot faster than we thought we would.  Next session, we’re going to remove about half the tables and replace them with more chairs so things aren’t quite so packed.  So consider yourself forewarned, if you want a table or a good seat, make sure to show up early.

Sable was amazing by the way….as were the sketches done for the Atomic Books prizes.   We’ll throw up a proper recap when those photos roll in, but, until then, just know that things were pretty amazing.

And yes, the final contest was “How would Sable capture a bike thief?”  Definitely scan and send those in….they deserve a whole post in of themselves. 🙂

Next session is Oct 27, Monday, 7 – 10, btw.