Photos from Nov. 24 with Viola Van Wilde.


Viola Van Wilde’s session on Nov. 24 was one of our best yet, though frankly, the photos alone should tell you that. 🙂  Special thanks to Viola Van Wilde of Gilded Lily for giving us some absolutely stunning poses and costumes to draw, and who without, we’d have been drawing that red couch.


Thanks to Atomic Books for sponsoring us and providing prizes to give away and to the folks at Dionysus for the space and getting us liquored up,  Jeff for photography, and to everyone who attended for putting up with my apparently complete lack of ability to count change.

If you missed the 24th, don’t cry…..well, maybe you honestly should a little, Viola had a NUN HABIT… really can’t top that……BUT, if you missed the 24th, our last session of 2008 is tonight,  Dec 8, at 7:00 with TWO models, La Malicia Pajarita and Paco Fish.  You should probably cry if you miss that one too.




New flyer! Next session, Aug 11, Monday 7 -10

Check out the new flyer…special thanks to craftmat for the design, Karl Ekdahl for the photography, and Nicolette for letting us use the image.

The next session is Aug. 11, Monday, 7 pm – 10 pm.  Things seem to be growing pretty fast . . . you might want to think about showing up a little early for a good seat.  🙂

Monday’s session went great!

Not only that, but the folks at Metromix did a wonderful write up on us with a frankly amazing set of photographs to go with it. (That’s one above…the photographer is Rob Perry.) Check them out….we’re even on their Baltimore front page, at least last I checked 30 seconds ago.

Not only that, but the model didn’t faint this time, no one got sick (that we know of), and if things keep going like this, it won’t be too long before we go twice a month. 🙂

Our next session will be on the second Monday of August…we’ll put up all the appropriate information in about a week or two.

Anyways, go check out the Metromix article.