Your sketches of Lady Vile

As I’m still a little hung-over and bummed about losing an hour of my already short day (waking up at 1 p.m. then realizing it’s actually 2 when you have a shit-ton of things to do kinda sucks), I’m not gonna get too chatty here. So, without further ado, here are the Lady Vile sketches we’ve received from you.


A montage of sketches by Annika Romeyn. She won a brand-new  sketchbook from Artist & Craftsman Supply for the drawing of the mouse-infested Lady Vile, her entry for the second contest of the night which was to illustrate a guess at how our model got her name.

The following three drawings are by the lovely burlesque star Lily Stark White.



These next three are from Chip Molter.022309-chipm3


From one of our most faithful regulars, Mary Tully:


And, last but certainly not least, sketches from another regular, Gene Snyder.

022309-genes2Gene’s opposite-hand drawing:022309-genes3

Gene’s entry for the “best depiction of a chimp attack”:022309-genes5

And, since we didn’t get a scan of the winning chimp attack drawing, here’s a photo of the winner with her entry (the one with the dozen chimps, on the right):img_2564-2As an aside, the guy on the left apparently has been collecting our flyers, which is pretty flattering. I would have included photos of his binder, which is covered with flyers from as far back as October, but the photo came out way too dark, unfortunately.

And, in case you’re not on our mailing list (email us if you want to get on it), or haven’t joined our Facebook group, or haven’t noticed the link on our Myspace page, check out Andras Frenyo’s amazing panoramic photos of this session.

Don’t forget that our next session is tomorrow night (or tonight, if you’re reading this at your desk on Monday), when Bambi Galore will be up from DC to pose for your drawing pleasure. Bambi is not only part of the DC Gurly Show and DC Libertines, but she also hosted the DC branch of Dr. Sketchy’s. See you then!

Your sketches!

Without further ado, here are the first sketches our talented art monkeys have submitted . . .

by Mary T., of Nicolette le Faye (8/11/08)
by Elly Z., of Nicolette (8/11/08)
Elly Z.'s sketch of Nicolette (8/11/08) gets that old-school place of honor on the fridge!
by Flissy S., of Katia B. (7/14/08)
by Flissy S., of Katia B. (7/14/08)
also by Flissy, of Nicolette (8/11/08)
also by Flissy, of Nicolette (8/11/08)
more Nicolette by Flissy (8/11/08)
more Nicolette by Flissy (8/11/08)

See more of Flissy’s sketches here.

Thanks to Mary, Elly, and Flissy for sharing–they’ll get $2 off the cover charge at this Monday’s session!

Again, if you have sketches from our previous three sessions: please, please, please send them in! Just email them to us by noon on Monday to get in on the 8th for the old cover charge of $5.

See you Monday! (Or maybe at Friday night’s gallery opening?)

Hey, Molly has a show in Baltimore starting tomorrow.

Molly Crabapple, Dr. Sketchy’s illustrious founder, has some art included in a show starting tomorrow (Sept. 5) at the Definition Gallery on 1800 Fleet Street (which I believe is at the corner of Ann St.) It runs until Sept. 27. The opening reception is tomorrow from 7 PM to 11 PM.

From Definition’s website…

Echo [ek-oh]: a sympathetic or identical response, as to sentiments expressed.

Definition Gallery presents “A Dozen Echoes,” an inspiring ensemble of a dozen female artists from across the United States. Each artist explores the unifying circumstances of being a modern woman in the 21st century while simultaneously reflecting on women’s past roles in history and culture. The gallery selected the artists for their ability to convey these personal and universal experiences with painstaking detail. The exhibition demonstrates a mastery over a variety of mediums; from traditional glazes to contemporary photography.

Alexis and I will be there tomorrow night, so if you’re up for some art in Fells tomorrow, we’ll see ya there….