Photos from Oct 13th, Sable Sin Cyr!

Last Monday was amazing.  Sable Sin Cyr of Gilded Lily Burlesque was stunning, lots of friendly folks showed up, and I didn’t even fall down once this time.

I’m not joking about the lots of folks by the way.  Look at this.

I ain’t kidding about that whole “come ten minutes early folks.”  It was packed and eventually we had to turn some folks away.  We’re going to remove some more tables this Monday and see if that gives us a little more room… be forewarned, tables are first come, first serve.

Anyways, did I say Sable was amazing?

There lots of contests as usual…with prizes of gift cards and Moleskin books provided by Atomic Books (there’s even more stuff on Monday too).

Here’s a photo of the winners of the “Draw with your Off-hand” contest having their celebratory Dirty Girlscouts (it’s a shot).  I censored out their faces, and the guy behind, just in case they want to run for office one day.  That fellow under the yellow arrow….I can tell you right now he ain’t running for anything.  From?  Maybe.  For?  No.

I have no idea what’s going on in the next photo….apparently something was very amusing.  Since I’m not in the shot, I have a sinking suspicion it was me doing something stupid.

For some reason they’d all stopped laughing by the next shot.  Got distracted I suspect.

Special thanks to Sable Sin Cyr, who without, we would have been drawing, well, a big empty yellow couch.   Special thanks to Lynn and Dionysus as well, who without, well, we would have been doing this in the middle of the street and causing no-telling how many fender-benders.   Jeff did an absolutely amazing job with photography, turning in his best set yet, and both Jeff and Bill helped us move all that silly furniture around, which believe me, takes a few minutes. 🙂

Our next session is this coming Monday, Oct 27, 7 – 10 pm at Dionysus, featuring Nicolette le Fay with some Halloween goodness. 🙂

Halloween at Dr. Sketchy’s, Monday, Oct 27!

Next Dr. Sketchy’s, hosted by Dionysus and sponsored by Atomic Books, is this upcoming Monday, Oct 27th.  Nicolette le Faye is modelling so come get a drink and draw her in her best scary.

Oh, and I should be receiving the photos from last session tonight, so hopefully there’ll be a recap sometime tomorrow.

Oh, oh, and the person who lost their pad got in touch,  so everyone can stop worrying and call off the amber alert or whatever. 🙂

Oh, oh, oh……no, just kidding, that was the last ‘oh’.

Photos from 9/8/08, Luna’s session

Yeah, yeah, I’m running a little late.  This whole twice a month thing can get a little hectic. 🙂  In any case, October’s sessions are coming up, so here’s a peek at September’s sessions.  (We’ll post the photos from the second session on Sunday, once the hangovers have cleared.)

Just in case you’re blind and having this post read to you by a text reader, Luna from Gilded Lily was absolutely amazing.  For this particular pose, she started off dressed as a robed old woman with a cane…..each pose change leading to the loss of another element of the costume.  Pretty damn neat.

The costumes kept coming too. 🙂

If you can’t tell, attendance is going up and up….if you want a good seat (and the ability to pick it), you might want to show up a little early.  The next session we “flipped” the room, putting the crowd on the opposite side, and that helped, but if things continue, in a session or two we may have to start turning folks away at the door.

Our contest winners, drinking their celebratory Washington apple shots.  I *think* the contest was “best drawing with your off-hand”, but, I was drinking by then so it’s a little blurry.

In any case, as usual, lots of thanks to Lynn who owns Dionysus for helping us do this, Bill for helping us at the door and not making me do shots by myself, Jeff for photos, and to Luna, without whom we’d all be drawing, well, the wall.  The next two sessions are October 13 and 27, Monday, from 7 to 10, at Dionysus.

We’ll post the recap from the 22nd with the lovely Maria Bella, which involves some drama including a foot chase and the police (no joke), some amazing artwork,  drinking, and our first ever Atomic Books sponsored session.

Speaking of artwork, we’ve been getting a lot of amazing stuff…we’ll see if we can put together a post with all that as well. 🙂