Safety warning for the Mt. Vernon area.

Hey folks, we know a lot of you either live in Mt. Vernon or spend a lot of time there, so we thought you might want a heads-up.

There have been a TON of assaults in the area over the last two months, all on Friday and Saturday nights, all within a few blocks of the Belvedere Hotel and sometimes right in front of it.  They’re happening anywhere from 8 in the evening till three in the morning.

Apparently the assaults are originating from the underage crowd patronizing that new club in the basement of the Belvedere (the one with all the stabbings and shootings).  Both men and women are being attacked in most of the cases by roving groups of underage kids . . . the motive doesn’t appear to be robbery, but instead to just beat every single tooth out of your head.  All the people were jumped from behind before they knew the kids were there.

The rumormill says these attacks are gang initiations but that may just be hysteria. 

So if you’re in the Belvedere Hotel / Brewer’s Art area on either of those nights, keep your eyes open.

Here’s a link if you want some dates and names.  (Btw, the title says “Charles Village”, but the club is in Mt. Vernon and that’s where the assaults are taking place.  The article doesn’t list all of them either, btw.)