Pose schedule and other modeling details.

Dr. Sketchy’s Baltimore is currently held once  a month, usually on a Thursday or Wednesday,  at Creative Alliance in Baltimore’s Highlandtown Arts and Entertainment District. Sessions are from 7 to 10 p.m.

As the model, you must arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the session (i.e. please get to Creative Alliance by 6:30)—earlier, if you’ll need more time to get ready on site. Creative Alliance has a backstage dressing room in the theater.

In exchange for providing the audience with inspiration during the three-hour session, you will be paid $100, in addition to tips given by our generous audience. If you are interested in performing a (roughly 5-minute) act during the session for an additional $50, please let us know in advance. A note on performances: for the best reception from our audience, we recommend lively, upbeat, dramatic, and/or funny acts; performances that are slow and sultry from start to finish tend not to get much of a reaction from our folks.

No nudity will be involved. While we ask that you pose in an interesting costume that shows off your figure, outfits should be no more revealing than pasties and a g-string. (Gentlemen, pasties are optional.) Please bring two or three costumes. Two should be enough, if they are complex and layered enough to be stripped down over the course of several poses.

Pillows will be provided, but we encourage you to bring any props that may complement your costumes.

A note on themes: unlike most Dr. Sketchy’s branches, we do not usually have themed sessions, though we encourage any awesome suggestions for such sessions if you think you’ve already got two or three amazing costumes that would work together as a theme. Quality costumes are more important to us than themes, though, so please don’t feel like you need to make a far-fetched connection between good costumes, throw in a less-interesting costume to round out a theme, or suggest a theme for which you will have to rush to make costumes solely for your session.

Our pose schedule is as follows, with 5- to 10-minute breaks in between each 20-minute set:

  • 10 one-minute poses, then 5 two-minute poses
  • break
  • 4 five-minute poses
  • break
  • performance [optional]
  • 2 ten-minute poses [if you perform, please plan on staying in your performance costume for at least these two poses]
  • break
  • one 20-minute pose
  • break
  • one 20-minute pose

(If, by some miracle, we have ten minutes or more left after this second 20-minute pose, we’ll squeeze in another pose to fill out the three hours.)

Before your session, you’ll also need to sign our model release form, which will be emailed to you once you’ve been booked.  By agreeing to model for Dr. Sketchy’s, you agree to allow Dr. Sketchy’s Baltimore, as well as Dr. Sketchy’s HQ, to use any photos, videos, and drawings of you from your session for our online, print, and film promotional purposes.

A note on photos for promotional flyers: Because we print flyers for each session, we will need a high-res image (at the minimum, 8″ x 10″ at 300 dpi, or 2400 px by 3000 px, but bigger is better) of yourself without watermarks or credit lines (a credit line will be added in the flyer design process). While you may have the rights to use your own photograph for your promotional purposes, in order for us to use it to promote the session we must receive permission directly from the photographer to avoid any confusion (i.e., we don’t want to get an angry email two days before the event from your photographer, who found the flyer on Facebook and is now demanding we take down the image because s/he did not grant us permission to use his/her image—trust us, it’s happened before). If direct permission cannot be obtained by email from a photographer, we will not use the photo and another image from a more responsive photographer will need to be obtained.

If, after you’ve read this page from top to bottom and watched a few of our videos to see what we’re about, you’re still interested in modeling for our Dr. Sketchy’s, please email Alexis and Aaron with detailed information on your experience, including photos and/or links to videos of yourself performing, plus a brief but detailed proposal for your session. So that we’re on the same page, we encourage you to include high quality photos of you in the costumes you intend to wear for the session (we’ve learned that written descriptions can sometimes over- or undersell costumes). Again, themes are not required at our branch, but we will give preference to proposals involving both a solid theme and high-quality costumes.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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